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NZCS Innovation Summit: Unblocking the Skills Pipeline

7 September 2011: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Owen G Glenn Building
12 Grafton Road
Case Room 3

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The ICT industry is growing fast, so why can't we attract enough talent?

According to the TIN100 report, exports from the top 100 technology companies in New Zealand add up to almost $5 billion and technology exports now rank second only to the dairy sector.

Our industry employs approximately 40,000 people, yet we import thousands of hi-tech positions a year and still can't keep up.

Technology is probably New Zealand's fastest growing sector and on its way to becoming New Zealand's top export earner. It's a high-value sector creating high-value jobs that will move our country forward, yet according to recent statistics and despite the recent recession, the ICT skills shortage continues to grow worse threatening this future.

What can we do about it?

The inaugural IITP Innovation Summit: Unblocking the Skills Pipeline will bring together experts and those interested in the future of the IT industry to discuss, listen, debate and plan over free beer, wine, juice and pizza.


How do we address the skills shortage?

According to every statistic ICT is the best paid profession in New Zealand, yet University and Polytech enrolments are down. Kids in school aren't being attracted to our great industry. In short, the skills pipeline is seriously blocked and it's time we did something about it.

Through IITP the ICT sector has embarked on several projects designed to unblock the skills pipeline however this clearly isn't enough.

IITP Auckland Branch has put together a range of experts from across the ICT and education sectors to discuss what's being done and what should be done to address this very serious issue. But we also need to hear from you!

Come join the conversation and tell us what you think, or just come along and hear about what's happening in this space over free beer and pizza. 


Panel and Short Presentations

The event will include a signficant panel and short presentations from the following team of experts: 

  • Ian McCrae, CEO of Orion Health. Orion is New Zealand's largest software exporter and Ian brings a strong industry perspective to the discussion.
  • Greg Day, Founder of PeopleMine, GetStaffed and various other companies. Greg is an entrepreneur with strong views on the need to focus on entrepreneurial skills from an early age.
  • Paul Matthews, CEO of IITP. Paul has been heavily involved in a number of educational initiatives including helping reshape how ICT is taught in schools.
  • John Hosking, Director of Centre for Software Innovation, Auckland University. John has been heavily involved in a number of initiatives in the education space.
  • Tim Bell, Associate Professor of Software Engineering, Canterbury University. Tim led the team charged with creating the new School ICT curriculum.
  • Mike Usmar, CEO of Computer Clubhouse. Computer Clubhouses provide a unique opportunity for kids to discover technology in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • Lorraine Stefani, Director of Academic Development, University of Auckland. Lorraine's research includes the use of e-Portfolios and online learning.
  • Charmaine Pountney, Former Principal Auckland Girls Grammar. Charmaine's a strong advocate for diverse educational approaches in New Zealand.
  • Gordon Drydon, Author, The Learning Web. Gordon has been advocating a new approach to education and eLearning with a strong focus on Web 2.0. 

The panel will be facilitated by Brett Roberts, IITP Auckland Branch Chair.

These individuals are here to listen as much as talk and we really need to hear from you.

Free beer, wine, juice and Pizza.



  • 5.30pm  Arrival and refreshments
  • 6.15pm  Panel and short presentations
  • 7.30pm  Refreshments and discussion
  • 8.30pm  Finish


A Special Thanks to Lloyd Executive Recruitment for supporting this event.




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