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About ITP

IT Professionals NZ is New Zealand's body for software and IT Professionals. With thousands of members, ITP is the largest and most trusted tech body in NZ.

ITP is a community of IT professionals who care deeply about professional practice in IT. ITP helps develop its members, sets standards and recognises those who aspire to excellence, and works as the voice of the IT profession to Government and others. [more]

IT Professionals NZ is a trading name of the Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc.

NZ Tech Skills Gap: How would you fix it?

ITP is leading MBIE's IT Skills Steering Group. This is your chance to shape the future of the tech industry. From education to hire and training, having people with the right skills is essential for the...

Otago Southland ITP 60th Birthday Celebration

From humble beginnings in 1960 as the "Data Processing and Computer Society", IT Professionals NZ (Te Pou Hangarau Ngaio) has seen vast changes in technology, and huge growth in Aotearoa's presence on...

ACIS Keynote Ian Taylor: Navigating our digital future

ITP members are invited to the opening of the Australasian Conference on Information Systems to be immediately followed by a keynote talk from Ian Taylor, Entrepreneur, Animation Research on Navigating...

Live Webinar: UFB and the Future of Fibre

Live Webinar Connectivity.jpg
Where would we be now without UFB? Clearly the decisions made about connectivity and fibre a few years back unknowingly prepared New Zealand for the Covid-19 pandemic. With remote technology uptake at an all-time high now, what does the future hold?...

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