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IT Professionals NZ is New Zealand's body for software and IT Professionals. With thousands of members, ITP is the largest and most trusted tech body in NZ.

ITP is a community of IT professionals who care deeply about professional practice in IT. ITP helps develop its members, sets standards and recognises those who aspire to excellence, and works as the voice of the IT profession to Government and others. [more]

IT Professionals NZ is a trading name of the Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc.

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Developing critical influence skills for better outcomes

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The most successful IT professionals are those who understand the craft of 'influence' - helping others understand the challenges in a project and motivating them to work together to overcome them. This workshop will help develop the influencing skills and insights of project managers, business analysts, developers, product owners - and in fact anyone responsible for technology outcomes....

Web Security Fundamentals

Security is a fundamental part of web development, software development or cloud services within an organisation. Managers, team leads, devs and others need to have a working understanding of the fundamentals of web security to help minimise risk. This half-day workshop covers the most common current web security exploits and the approach, principles and frameworks necessary to detect and protect against vulnerabilities....

How safe is NZ from Cyber threats and who is protecting us?

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The world of cyber security is fast-moving and complex. Helping New Zealand better understand and stay resilient to cyber security threats are the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT NZ). Launched in...

AI Applied - it's easier than you (probably) think

Today's technology solutions are increasingly expected to be "smarter" and more "relevant". Take a look behind the scenes of Jade Software and how they used AI to quickly add intelligence to customer and...

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