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IT Professionals NZ is New Zealand's body for software and IT Professionals. With thousands of members, ITP is the largest and most trusted tech body in NZ.

ITP is a community of IT professionals who care deeply about professional practice in IT. ITP helps develop its members, sets standards and recognises those who aspire to excellence, and works as the voice of the IT profession to Government and others. [more]

IT Professionals NZ is a trading name of the Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc.

Privacy Week - Do you know your obligations under the 2020 Privacy act?

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards is in town for NZ Privacy Week, and in conjunction with our friends at Canterbury Tech, all are welcome to hear him speak at this ITP ChCh event. Hear John talk about...

Fear of "Public Speaking" is greater than "Death by Fire!"

See a special message from our guest speaker, Keith Lightfoot, on his free daily talk, SPEED. Switch off your Television, logout of your Social Media, find a Babysitter and come along to an extraordinary...

Gibbons Memorial Lecture Series 2: Tikanga AI: Enabling mātauranga Māori in the future of AI development within Aotearoa - New Zealand

2021 Gibbons Lecture Series: . Dissolving the interface between humans and computers. For many people, it's become impossible to imagine life without a smartphone. We're so used to keeping them close and...

Introduction to Enterprise Agile

rob and cherry.jpeg
Agile has escaped IT and is now impacting the way we run organisations and even society as a whole. It is already part of the vision and strategy of many organisations in NZ. Information Technology is seen as the centre of excellence for Agile, and many CIOs are being tasked with disseminating it through the enterprise. This course will look at these new ways from an organisational perspective, and map IT's role in influencing and leading a transformation. ...

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