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IT Professionals NZ is New Zealand's professional tech community. With thousands of members and a 56-year history, ITP is the largest and most trusted tech body in NZ.

ITP is a community of IT professionals who care deeply about professional practice in IT. ITP helps develop its members, sets standards and recognises those who aspire to excellence, and works as the voice of the IT profession to Government and others. [more]

IT Professionals NZ is a trading name of the Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc.

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CITPNZ Breadth of Knowledge-Study Sessions

Following on from our successful study session on the 8th of December, which was aimed towards supporting ITP members who must sit the CITPNZ Breadth of Knowledge (BOK) test either to gain or to retain...

Cyber security - Why language matters

As cyber security breaches become more common, and the impact more severe, boards and executive teams are becoming increasingly concerned about the risks. This presents an opportunity for IT professionals...

CITP Breadth of Knowledge Test

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Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) is a professional accreditation available to senior IT Professionals. CITPNZ has a Breadth of Knowledge test that all applicants must complete. The test is undertaken...