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Digital Technologies Skills Plan

Over the last 8 months, IT Professionals NZ has been leading the Skills workstream of the Digital Tech Industry Transformation Plan, looking at the underlying causes of the skills issues in our sector and what we can do about it.

In July 2021 we released the draft plan, and need your feedback to make sure we've got it right.



Download the draft report

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This report is a wakeup call

Our industry is suffering greatly from a mismatch of skill supply and demand, however the only way we're going to fix this long-term is if we invest in domestic development.

And we have a plan. The draft Plan outlines 10 Actions that New Zealand needs to take, each with a set of initiatives. There is no silver bullet, and each Action is addressing a different part of the pipeline.


But do we have it right?

We really need your input before the draft plan is finalised.

Download the draft Skills Plan

Once you've had a look at it, let us know what you think. The easiest way of providing feedback is via

The draft plan is open for consultation and feedback until Friday 30 July.

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