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Requirements for Supporters/Referees


All applications for ITP certification must be supported by senior IT Professionals or Managers, able and prepared to vouch for both the applicant's suitability and competence.

This page outlines the minimum requirements for referees for CITPNZ or CTech accreditation applications.


How many Supporters/Referees

The number of Referees required varies by Accreditation:

  • In the case of Chartered IT Professional NZ, two supporters/referees must be provided.
  • In the case of Certified Technologist, one supporter/referee must be provided.


Eligibility of Referees

Referees must meet the following criteria to be eligible.

  • Must be either:
    • A senior IT Professional (definition below),
    • A senior manager to which the Applicant reports (directly or indirectly), or
    • A senior staff member of one of the applicant's significant clients
  • Must be in a position to confirm the applicant meets the accreditation requirements, and would normally have worked with the applicant for at least six months in the last three years
  • Must be able to vouch that you are of a high standard ethically and professionally
  • Referees do NOT need to be ITP members or accredited with CITPNZ or CTech themselves (although this helps of course)


If Referees are Ineligible

If a referee provided is ineligible (usually because they either don't meet the above criteria, have not worked with the applicant for 6 months in the last 3 years, or are unable to confirm the applicant's skills to the requisite level), the applicant will have the opportunity to provide further referees.

The applicant may provide up to a maximum of 4 referees in total. If 3 of these 4 referees (for CITPNZ) or 4 out of 4 (for CTech) are unable or unwilling to support the application it will not proceed.

Unsuccessful applications will have the "Annual Accreditation Fee" refunded, however the Assessment costs are non-refundable. However unsuccessful applicants may re-apply if circumstances change after 6 months and receive a 50% discount on the Assessment Fee.


Senior IT Professional

Senior IT Professionals are regarded as those operating at Level 5 or above of the SFIA Framework.

SFIA Level 5 is defined here.

Some practical examples:

  • In industry, operating as a team leader, be in a staff supervisory role, or be responsible for significant outcomes
  • In academia, a full-time lecturer teaching IT-related subjects at NZQA level 4 or above. Responsible for the development of courses which are used by other lecturers and/or supervising significant student projects with demonstrated successful outcomes from the teaching process
  • If self-employed, working as a senior ICT practitioner with significant supervisory or outcome-focused responsibilities and able to demonstrate successful outcomes from your work
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