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ITP CareerAdvance

ITP's CareerAdvance Programme helps you map out your current skills, figure out where you want to go and help put a plan in place to get there.

The CareerAdvance Programme is made up of 3 components:

1. Your Skills Portfolio

Free access to our online skills mapping tool to help you map out and build your current Skills Portfolio

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ITP's Skills Portfolio (in BETA) helps you map out and build your own Skills Portfolio using the SFIA8 Framework.

SFIA8 is the latest version of the world's most widely used skills and competency framework for digital and tech professionals. It's a great framework, but you don't need to know how it works to create your profile.

Here's a short video outlining how it works:

ITP members can access the Skills Portfolio (BETA) at no cost, through the ITP Member Area. Simply log in and select the CareerAdvance tab.

2. Your Career Mentor

Once you have your Skills Portfolio, we'll pair you up with your own mentor to help plan the next steps

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ITP's Mentoring Programme has been fully redesigned to ensure you're paired with the best mentor and they're equipped to help you plan out the next stages of your career.

A Mentor is a professional who undertakes an active interest in the career development of an individual in the same profession.

It's important to differentiate Mentoring from Coaching - Mentors do not attempt to advise Mentees directly, but instead assist their Mentees to come to their own conclusions as to how best achieve their goals.

mentoring stages

Mentoring works, and many successful individuals have attributed much of their success to being mentored, becomming an integral component of their professional development and growth.

The 12-month ITP Mentoring Programme is free for ITP members*.

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* ITP's Mentoring Programme is intended for those currently working in the industry. Therefore the mentoring programme is currently not available to student members - we look to other opportunities to support students.

3. Your Career Plan

We'll provide guidance, templates and support for you and your mentor to create a personalised career plan

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Using the Planner tool as part of the Skills Portfolio along with discussion and investigation, your mentor will help you build your Career Plan - an actionable and achievable plan for how you'll take your next career steps.

Career Planning Guide

It doesn't matter if you are certain about where you want to go or don't yet have a plan - that's what the CareerAdvance programme is all about.

The 12-month mentoring programme is designed to help you build that plan then take the first steps - with the support of your mentor.

To access the career planning template and guidance, sign up for ITP's Mentoring Programme.

Next steps

If you're an ITP member, you can access the Skills Portfolio tool or sign up for a mentor now.

We recommend you do all 3 steps as this will maximise your opportunity to take a serious step forwards in your career. However, you can choose to just create your Skills Portfolio now and look at mentoring later.

Access the ITP Skills Portfolio tool here

Note that it can take a little time to pair you up with your mentor, so we recommend signing up for mentoring now too.


Not an ITP member?

ITP's CareerAdvance Programme is just one way we help digital and tech professionals get ahead in their careers.

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