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Membership for Digital Tech Professionals


Working in tech? The ITP community has been built by and for people like you.

ITP helps those who work in tech to get ahead by recognising professional practice, organising hundreds of events and short courses every year, facilitating mentoring, and providing a voice to Government and others.

ITP does two things:

  • develops professionals and the professional community, and
  • works on behalf of the community as both the voice to Government and via a broad range of other initiatives.

So as well as gaining access to a heap of direct benefits designed to move your career forwards, as an ITP member you're part of a community making a real difference to New Zealand.


10 Quick Benefits of membership:

Check out the Members section for details of member services, however here's a quick rundown of 10 of the key benefits of joining ITP:

1. Get involved in your community

ITP is a tech professional community. Our members join because they care about our industry and care about professional practice, and want to be part of the organisation making a difference to New Zealand. Members can get involved and make a difference through various working groups, branch committees, taskforces, advisory groups, policy groups and much more.

2. Code of Ethics and practice guidelines

All ITP members subscribe to a Code of Ethics and commit to professional and ethical practice - that's what differentiates a professional from someone who just "works in tech". ITP also provides various other practice guidelines, such as a (voluntary) Code of Practice and Professional Knowledge curriculum.

3. Recognition as a professional

Calling yourself a professional shouldn't be just lip service. ITP members are recognised as true tech professionals, not just people who "work in tech". And only ITP members can gain recognition through globally recognised Certified Technologist certification (for those in the first few years of their career), or Chartered IT Professional NZ, for senior tech professionals.

4. Hundreds of events and short courses

With active branches in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Nelson and Dunedin, ITP runs over 200 events, presentations, gatherings, short courses and more every year, designed exclusively for members. These range from short presentations on the latest trends in the industry, through to multi-day conferences like ITx - New Zealand's tech conference. 

5. Access the ITP Video Library

ITP members have exclusive access to the ITP Video Library, featuring hundreds of talks and presentations about tech topics that can't be found elsewhere. Check it out here.

6. Get ahead with your own Mentor

ITP members wanting to get ahead can gain access to the Institute's popular Mentoring Programme, either as a Mentor or Mentee. (Additional charges apply).

7. Stay informed

As well as regular events, all members have access to ITP's Newsline updates, keeping you informed of the latest news and views of the industry, as well as the less formal Newsline Extra, sent every Friday with commentary on some of the week's top tech stories. Much of this content is curated into the ITP TechBlog as well.

8. Support the voice of the profession

ITP works tirelessly as the voice of the profession to Government, Industry, Employers and the public. Your membership supports the organisation's efforts to inform and advise Government on all things IT, as well as running programmes like TechHub to inspire the next generation.

9. Gain international connections

ITP is part of an international professional computing and tech community, with more than 50 countries participating and collectively representing over a million IT Professionals. Get an introduction when you travel or link in directly with that's country's partner body.

10. Access discounted liability insurance

Consultants and small businesses almost always need professional liability insurance, and can save thousands via ITP's liability package for members

Being a part of the tech professional community is important. As well as all of the benefits of membership, you're helping ITP work hard to make our industry stronger and better. 


ITP membership grades

ITP membership is simple. There are three membership grades to choose from:


Within these grades ITP offers discounted membership for studentsnew industry entrantsretired members and school teachers.

Full members and Fellows are able to use post nominals MIITP and FIITP (eg John Smith BSc, MIITP)

Note that the criteria and details on this page are a guide only

Please refer to the ITP Bylaws for definitions & full details of eligibility criteria for grades.


Associate is usually the entry point to ITP membership, and is generally for professionals new to the Institute or in the first few years of their professional career.

Associates make a commitment to professionalism, agree to abide by the ITP Code of Ethics, and commit to continue to develop themselves professionally.

Associates Can:
  • Access all benefits of ITP membership
  • Apply for Certified Technologist (if eligible)
  • Be elected to Branch Committees
  • Attend ITP events at member rates
Associates Commit To:
Anyone who agrees to abide by the ITP Code of Ethics may join the Institute as an Associate.
Application Process:

You can start the application process online now.

Click Here to apply for membership.

Member (MIITP)

Full Members are those with extensive supervisory or senior experience in the field of IT. Members are expected to be active in the community of IT professionals. MIITP stands for Member of the Institute of IT Professionals (ITP's legal name).

Members Can:
  • Access all benefits of ITP membership
  • Use the post-nominal "MIITP" (eg the initials after a name on a business card or email signature to indicate professional membership)
  • Apply for Chartered IT Professional NZ or Certified Technologist (if eligible)
  • Use the ITP logo on business cards or stationary (within ITP guidelines)
  • Be elected to Branch Committees or the National Board
  • Attend ITP events at member rates
Members Commit To:
  • Abide by the IITP Code of Ethics (including being accountable for breaches of the Code)
  • Continually develop themselves professionally, and complete at least 20 hours of CPD per year (see Code of Ethics page)
  • Hold a degree that contains IT-related papers at least to the second year of study, and have at least 4 years' full-time IT experience (including 2 years in a senior position)


  • Have no degree, but at least ten years' full-time experience as an IT practitioner (including 3 years in a senior position)


  • Provide evidence of work at a level equivalent to SFIA Level 4 or above. (See page 12 of the SFIA Reference for more details)

See the Bylaws page for examples of "senior position".

Application Process:

You can start the application process online now.

Note that full membership requires two referees. These referees don't have to be ITP members - they can be anyone in a senior IT or management role.

Click Here to apply for membership.


Fellow (FIITP)

Fellows hold a position of eminence or authority within the discipline of IT. Fellowship is achieved only after a comprehensive advancement process, and members cannot join immediately as a Fellow (you must be a member for 2 years first).  FIITP stands for Fellow of the Institute of IT Professionals (ITP's legal name).

Please Contact ITP or check out the ITP Bylaws for more information about Fellowship (you must be a member for at least 3 years, and meet other criteria, to apply for Fellowship).


Cost of ITP Membership 

The following tables outline the annual cost for ITP membership.

 Membership Type
NZ Member 
(Incl GST)
Staff of CP*
(No GST)
Associate membership has no professional requirements (such as minimum education and experience requirements) and is open to anyone who adheres to the IITP Code of Ethics.
$259 View $225
Full Member (MIITP)
Full membership is for experienced IT professionals. Members would normally have an IT-related degree plus around 4 years of experience (at least 2 at a senior level), OR no degree and 10 years' IT experience.
$295 View $250
Fellow (FIITP)
Fellowship is for those who hold a position of eminence or authority within the discipline of ICT. Fellowship is achieved only after a strict advancement process.
$295 View $250
* Staff of Corporate Partners enjoy a significant discount on membership rates.

Membership Concession rates

The following rates apply to eligible members in any of the above membership types:

NZ Member 
(Incl GST)
(No GST)
Engaged in full time or part time study towards an NZQA-approved information technology qualification at Level 4 or higher on the NZ Qualifications Framework (or overseas equivalent).
$10 $10
New Industry Entrant
Not a student, but either under 25 years of age and/or have entered the IT profession within the last three years including, but not limited to, following graduation from study.
$95 $95
School Teacher
Engaged in teaching at a New Zealand primary, intermediate or secondary school as your primary source of income.
$50 $50
No longer engaged in business or employment to the extent that your annual income (excluding pensions, superannuation and income from investments) does not exceed $25,000 per annum, and you do not intend to return to the workforce in the next year.
$49 $49


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