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Fireside chat with Rick Shera - Is our legislation up to the job?

5 July 2023: 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm

Live online

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Join ITP CEO Vic MacLennan in this discussion series of fireside chats with NZ business and IT leaders to hear about their mahi and relevant subjects of interest to our ITP community. This week with:

RJS 2019 standing colour (high res).jpgRick Shera
Partner at Lowndes Jordan - Rick is a leading New Zealand business, IT and media lawyer (particularly digital, internet, cybersecurity and privacy law), and has a first class masters degree in internet and copyright law. He is the first lawyer to have obtained the IT Professionals, CITPNZ certification.

Rick and I will embark on a thought-provoking conversation, exploring the ever-evolving landscape of New Zealand laws and their ability to adapt, safeguard, and align with the relentless pace of change. Our focus will be on crucial areas such as cybersecurity, intellectual property and copyright, privacy, and, of course, the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence. As we delve into the depths of these domains, we'll examine whether existing laws have what it takes to accommodate and protect us amidst the rapid advancements of the digital era.
Join us as we dissect the intricate relationship between legislation and innovation, questioning whether the legal framework can effectively keep pace with the swift transformations shaping our society. (this blurb was brought to us by ChatGPT with thanks).


Participate in the conversation via the Q+A function which will be moderated throughout the session and hosted by Vic after the initial chat. If you're unable to make the session or have some questions for the conversation in advance then feel free to email in to [email protected]

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