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Friday Live Webinar: Clarke Ching on crisis innovation

3 April 2020: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Live Online
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Registrations are now closed, however you can still access the webinar by clicking here at 4pm, or on the ITP Facebook page.


Each Friday of Level 4 lockdown ITP will be hosting the brand new ITP Friday Live webinar.

This week's session features a tech news roundup with the full TechBlog team, followed by a great talk and Q&A session with the bottleneck guy Clarke Ching on innovation during good times and bad. You don't want to miss it.

These Level-4 weeks are long and times are tough. So grab a beer, wine or juice and finish your week off right with this informative and entertaining session, delivered live online nationwide.


4.00pm: TechBlog Panel Chat

The Friday Live webinar will kick off with a chat with ITP's awesome TechBlog team, giving a quick roundup of this week's big stories on TechBlog and elsewhere.

The TechBlog team includes:

The team are a "who's who" of tech journalism in New Zealand over many years. They know their stuff and between them have edited or covered tech for many household name publications in NZ.

ITP CEO Paul Matthews will facilitate the session and put your questions to the team.


4.20pm: Clarke Ching - Never let a good crisis go to waste

clarkeching.jpgInnovation and invention skyrockets during emergencies. All of a sudden everyone realises that flexible working is actually possible and we see things like people 3D printing face-shields and businesses and individuals adapting fast, and often very well, to the "new normal".

As Winston Churchill noted in his famous quote, never let a good crisis go to waste. The "resistance to change" that seems to normally holds us back fades away in times of crisis. We focus, laser like, on solving the big gnarly problems and ignore the trivia. We change the rules and get on with things.

But then, when the urgency fades, this approach quickly fades away and life quietly rolls back to the way things always were. Rules are reinstated, flexibility reduces again and in many cases, the innovative mindset across business and government slips away with it.

So, how do we harness the good changes and keep them alive once the crisis has faded away?

With a particular focus on remote teamwork, international best-selling author Clarke Ching will talk about how to harvest the innovations that have come out of the crisis, keep track of them now, cherry-pick the good ones, then, adapt them so they make our lives better later.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. What we do now can change how we work in the future.

About Clarke Ching

Clarke Ching is an international best-selling author, speaker and consultant on agile productivity. He has helped some of the world's best-known brands understand Agile, Lean and the Theory of Constraints, including Dell, GE Energy, Royal London, BskyB and more.

Clarke is the author of "Rolling Rocks Downhill - The Agile Novel that never mentions Agile" and the bestseller "The Bottleneck Rules" recently featured in The Guardian newspaper and The Spectator magazine.


4.40pm: Q&A with Clarke Ching

ITP CEO Paul Matthews will put your questions to Clarke Ching - ask him anything about his talk, or life, the universe or everything.


5.00pm (ish): Go and enjoy your weekend!

You've earned it.


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Registration is essential to join the webinar and take part in the Q&A, but it's free.

Register below! Then on Friday, grab yourself a beer, wine or juice and finish your week off right.


Registrations are now closed, however you can still access the webinar by clicking here at 4pm, or on the ITP Facebook page.


While the ITP Friday Live webinar is open to anyone in tech, future sessions may be limited to ITP members only.

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