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ITP Tauranga Presents: How Blockchain will reshape the future

17 July 2018: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Tauranga Club
Level 5,
72 Devonport Rd,

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How Blockchain will reshape the future

Blockchain technology is set to disrupt everything. From how financial services are transacted, to how sensitive information (like health data) is shared, the innovations that blockchain can enable are endless. Jerome Faury, General Manager of start-up Centrality, will showcase some real-use applications of blockchain and how this game-changing technology will reimagine the future.

Several choices for dinner at $26 - including a vegetarian option - will be available, as well as a cash bar.

Guest Speaker 

Jerome is Group General Manager at world-leading blockchain venture studio Centrality. This blockchain-based ecosystem enables separate node/scene businesses to work together to gain scale through shared acquisition of users, data, content and merchants.

Centrality is partnering with leading innovators in key industries (tourism, health, mobility and banking) to create a marketplace of applications. These applications allow consumers to manage everyday tasks and experiences using peer-to-peer transactions - all via one login and using blockchain-enabled infrastructure.

Previous to Centrality, Jerome was one of the founding members of Payment Express, turning it into one of the largest processors in AsiaPac, and transacting more than $40 billion per annum across more than 15,000 merchants. He has led many key innovations, including cashless vending, tokenisation, IP EFTPOS and direct to scheme and bank links.

Jerome currently leads CentraPay, connecting consumers and retailers directly, leveraging digital assets and smart contracts on blockchain to provide next-generation payment experiences.

Pop along to the Tauranga Club and catch up with others in the Bay of Plenty ICT Community. A strictly sales spiel-free zone, although we'd love to hear how ITP can further support ICT professionals in the Bay of Plenty, keep you up-to-date on progress on the many ITP projects, or just come along and catch up with others working in ICT in Tauranga.

Please note that this session may be video or audio recorded for viewing by other members at a later date. As it is possible that audience members may be incidentally recorded, please let us know if you specifically want to be excluded and we will ensure you are not shown.

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