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2016 Gibbons Lecture 3: A case study of IT in Medical Imaging

19 May 2016: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

University of Auckland,
Owen G Glenn Building,
Room OGGB 3/260-092,
Level 0,
12 Grafton Road,

There is public parking in the basement of the Owen G Glenn Building at 12 Grafton Road.

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2016 Gibbons Lectures in association with IITP

The Computer Science Department at the University of Auckland, in association with IITP, is pleased to announce the Gibbons Lecture Series for 2016. This year the lectures address aspects of the application of Information Technology in Medicine.

The applications discussed range from modeling of human physiology and analysis of DNA to the evolution of CT scanning and improved management of chronic illness.


Lecture 3: A case study of IT in Medical Imaging: The evolution of Computed Tomography

When x-rays were first discovered, medical images were viewed with devices such as fluorescent screens and eventually from x-ray film images. In the 1970's, with the introduction of computers, 3D x-ray images could be produced using machines known as Computed Tomography scanners, or simply CT scanners.

More recently, by adapting microchip technology for use in x-ray detectors, it has become possible to measure the x-ray colour (or spectrum) in CT. This facilitates the measurement of tissue constituents that were previously difficult to discern.

Medical researchers are applying this new knowledge to problems in vascular disease, cancer, and joint disease.

This talk outlines the development of medical x-ray technology, highlighting advances made by NZ researchers over the last 45 years.


About the Speaker

Anthony Butler is Head of Department of Radiology and Director of Bioengineering and Nanomedicine in the University of Otago at Christchurch. He also has an appointment in the Department of physics at the Univeristy of anterbury and academic affilations with CERN, Geneva.

He has an MBChB degree in Medicine from the University of Otago, a GradDipSc in Physics, and a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Canterbury. He is a consultant clinical radiologist with the Canterbury District Health Board, being a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. 

He has won more than 10 awards for his research including awards from the Royal Society of NZ and the Royal Australian College of Radiologists. He is the lead investigator on over $12m of NZ government research grants, and co-investigator on more than $30m of other grants. 



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