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Become an Effective CIO

28 August 2019: 12:00 pm, to
5 December 2019: 5:00 pm

This event is not currently active.

Delivered live online with 2 face-to-face meetings. Includes some travel.


Back by popular demand! We ran this very successful course in 2018 and places were snapped up fast, so get in quick.

This course, delivered live online over a series of evenings over 3 months, is designed to equip aspiring or new CIOs with the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to be effective in the move from operational to strategic IT.

The course focuses on leadership and strategy from the outset, also covering off a number of key skills needed to be an effective CIO such as leading teams, change and transformation, technology investment and budgeting, IT governance, negotiation and critical influence skills, and much more.

Delivered by CIOs and other experts, this course draws on deep experience and knowledge to give significant insight into being a successful technology leader. With the full group coming together face-to-face twice, and work undertaken in small teams, participants will draw on their own experiences and build a network of colleagues from across New Zealand.

All participants will have access to an experienced mentor at the end of the course, to help plan out their next career stage including planning and executing the next 12 months post-course.

This is a new offering in New Zealand and is ideal for those aspiring to CIO-level, as well as those new to the role.

IMPORTANT: To participate in this course you must be able to make your own arrangements to travel to Wellington for an in-person workshop on the afternoon of 28 August, and again (to one of Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch TBC) for an in-person workshop in the week of 2nd December. Cost of travel is not included and these are essential to the course. It is not possible to participate if you are unable to attend these sessions.


Face-to-face initial meeting and orientation, then instructor-led live online delivery in evenings (6-9pm with 20 minute dinner break at 7.15pm). All course material delivered electronically, including pre-readings (eg case studies). Sessions recorded and made available during course period, e.g. if you are unable to attend a day.

Delivery schedule

Initial orientation face-to-face in Wellington, then two evenings (Monday/Thursday) every second week for 11 weeks. Final presentation of group project in-person to full class.

Course runs from 28 August to 5 December 2019.


Pass/fail based on successful completion of exercises, including larger group-based project. NB. As with the real world, success is determined by successful completion at high quality - no grades provided.

The main assessment will be a group-based project completed in groups of 3-4. The topic is related to leadership, using a real-world scenario from one group member's company. Groups determined in first Session, assessment based on a short report and presentation in last Session.


Good internet connection (UFB recommended but not essential). Must be an ITP member to register (you can register immediately after you've applied to join ITP online).

Must be able to travel to Wellington for an in-person workshop on the afternoon of 28 August, and to (TBC) for an in-person workshop on the afternoon of 5 December.

Class size

The course will have a small class size of 10-20 participants to ensure all participants get good individual and small-group support.

Target audience

This course is ideal for those looking to move from operational to strategic IT. Target audience includes those aspiring to strategic IT roles (such as CIO), relatively new CIOs, or others looking to change their focus from operational to strategic.



A large number of CIOs and others have provided input to ensure this course is as useful as possible for those making the move from operational to strategic IT. 

The main delivery facilitators include:



Simon Lloyd-Evans

[Course Coordinator] Simon Lloyd-Evans is a consulting CIO with over 20 years' experience assisting organisations with strategic IT. Simon describes himself as a technology enabled business strategist; Recent CIO experience includes the Real Estate Authority, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Royal NZ Ballet and more.



David Spaziani

With more than 6 years' experience as Senior Executive Partner for Gartner, David's analytical approach has served him well in various senior strategy and CIO roles for organisations in New Zealand.



Cherri Holland

Cherri Holland is an Institute Fellow of the Institute for Digital Transformation and a highly experienced trainer in turning the people you have into the people you want is essential for business success. She has successfully coached and mentored hundreds of executives in best practice leadership.



Daniel Merriott

Daniel Merriott is the Director of Digital Capability at IT Professionals NZ, and an expert in building organisational capability through skills development. Daniel has 20 years broad experience in consultant and leadership roles covering Operations Management, Strategy & Planning, Project Management, Solutions Architecture, Governance & Assurance, and Service Management.



Murray Wills

Murray Wills is owner of Maxsys, a firm providing VirtualCIO and consultancy services to a large number of business, government, and not for profit clients. He has extensive experience as a CIO, board member, consultant and trainer. As the founding chair of the IT Governance Taskforce, Murray is also a recognised leader in the governance of technology. He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors, Certified Management Consultant and Chartered IT Professional.



The following are the draft sessions (additional readings and group work will occur between sessions). All sessions via live online delivery unless noted otherwise. Sessions subject to change.

Session 1: Orientation
28 August, 12-5pm in-person in Wellington

  • Meet in-person in Wellington
  • Orientation, meet fellow students, course providers
  • Lunch provided followed by workshop session
  • Overview of what will be covered, then Introduction to Strategy practical session
  • Introduction to personality and team dynamics
  • Overview of projects, assign to teams

Session 2: Introduction to Leadership
9 September, Instructor: Simon Lloyd-Evans

  • Healthy Organisation
  • Leadership Disciplines
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Individual Behaviour
  • Ethical leadership 

Session 3: Introduction to Change
12 September, Instructor: Simon Lloyd-Evans

  • Leadership Obstacles
  • Leading Change
  • Essential Controls
  • Engaging Stakeholders
  • Communication
  • Troubled Projects 

Session 4: Leading Teams
23 September, Instructor: Simon Lloyd-Evans

  • Team Definition
  • Team Dysfunction
  • Team Engineering
  • Personal Leadership
  • Plain Language 

Session 5: Strategy 1
26 September, Instructor: Simon Lloyd-Evans

  • Strategy
  • Science of Strategy
  • Strategic Challenges
  • IT Strategy 

Session 6: Developing Capability
7 October, Instructor: Daniel Merriott

  • Understanding IT Capability
  • An introduction to Capability Frameworks
  • Assessing Current Capability
  • Aligning Capabilities with Strategy
  • Developing new and changed Capabilities through a Strategic Lens

Session 7: Business cases and budgeting
14 October, Instructor: David Spaziani

  • Conception of an idea to Business Case
  • The role of business cases
  • How to put together a compelling business case
  • Defining value in business terms
  • Realising benefits from the investment
  • Budgeting and finance

Week of 14/10/2019: Project team check-ins

Session 8: Strategy 2 (Strategy that delivers)
21 October, Instructor: David Spaziani

  • Recap: What is an IT Strategy, and how does it relate to Business and Digital strategies?
  • Using Principles and Metrics
  • Assessing the appetite Risk
  • Strategy versus Strategic Plan
  • Working with the executive and the board
  • Communicating the strategy
  • Discussion on project presentations

Session 9: CIO Panel
24 October, Course coordinator will also meet with project teams individually

  • 4 successful CIOs will share their own insights into success. Facilitated by ITP CEO Paul Matthews.
  • Followed by 5-minute update presentation to all participants by each team

Session 10: Developing Critical Influence Skills for Better Outcomes
4 November, Instructor: Cherri Holland

  • Scenario-based approach to critical influence skills
  • Influencing a group meeting
  • Getting a team onside and focused on delivery

Session 11: IT Governance and ethics
18 November, Instructor: Murray Wills

  • What is Governance and IT Governance?
  • An introduction to ISO/IEC 38500 - The IT Governance Standard and its 6 Principles
  • The role of the Information Systems Strategic Plan
  • Assessing IT Governance Maturity
  • Roles and skills required
  • The Board IT Governance Checklist
  • Dealing with ethical challenges

Session 12: Conflict resolution and negotiation
21 November, Instructor: Cherri Holland

  • Influencing skills (continued)
  • Taking influence skills into a negotiation
  • Achieving "win-win" outcomes in negotiation

Session 13: Project presentations
Week of 2 December, In person

  • Meet in Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch (TBD) from 1pm to 5pm
  • Team project presentations to panel. Feedback provided
  • Course summary and wrap up


Course Cost

ACT NOW: The cost of the full course is at an early-bird discount of $3475+GST for the first registrations but will revert to the full cost of $3995+GST shortly. This is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The total cost includes all aspects except individual travel.

Note that the cost of travel to the two face-to-face sessions, and personally-incurred expenses such as your internet connection, are not included in the course cost.

This course is only available to ITP members (you can register immediately after you've applied to join ITP online).

Registration Details:

You can register for this event via Credit Card online now by using the link below, or alternatively call 0800 252 255 with your Credit Card details.

For this course you may also opt to pay by invoice by calling 0800 252 255 or emailing attendee and business details through to [email protected]. Credit criteria and other conditions apply.

Attendance Cost

Early Bird rate (limited time)$3,475.00 + GST / $3,996.25 incl GST
Everyone$3,995.00 + GST / $4,594.25 incl GST

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