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CTechCTech Application process

Certified Technologist has a robust but achievable assessment process, designed to balance objective requirements with subjective assessment of knowledge and skills.

Application and assessment process

The application and assessment process is as follows:

  1. Complete the 10-step online application
    This includes initial self-analysis of skills and confirmation of all requirements (details below).

  2. Assessment Process
    The IITP assessment team will then analyse and independently validate your application, then assess the application against the CITP standard.

  3. More information requested if needed
    If necessary, the ITP assessment team will request additional information from you, usually in writing. In some circumstances the assessor may arrange to discuss your application directly with you via telephone.


Step 1: Complete the 10-step online application

All applications are submitted online and involve completing 10 steps.   Most of the steps are a series of straight forward questions.  Step 4 & 5 require a more in-depth analysis and self-reflection.

The application process will direct you through each step, and the steps may be completed over time and submitted once you are happy with the details you have provided.

Generally speaking, if you can clearly understand the stated requirements and self-assess yourself against these objectively, you will know by the end of the application process whether CITPNZ is suitable for you.

Part 1: Outline your career pathway to date

Part 2: Confirm you meet the Entry Requirements

Part 3: Confirm SFIA Level of Responsibility

Part 4: Select the most applicable IT skill to be assessed against

Part 5: Complete and Upload Supporting Material

Part 6: Provide details of a Supporter/Referee

Part 7: Confirm self-assessment of the Body of Knowledge

Part 8: Confirm Professional Knowledge

Part 9: Confirm Acceptance of Ongoing Requirements

Part 10: Pay Accreditation and first Annual Fee

Once these 10 steps are complete, you can submit your application for assessment.


Step 2: Assessment Process

Assessment Stage 1 (awaiting supporter & processing stage 1)

The first stage of assessment involves your referee/supporter completing an online form to support your application. This form is automatically sent to them when you submit your application.

Your referee must meet the specified criteria and be able, prepared and willing to vouch for both your suitability and competency. Their responses are also validated by the assessment team via phone.

Assessment Stage 2 (processing stage 2)

In the second stage of assessment, the assessment team will complete a paper assessment, based on the written documentation provided in your application. At this stage the assigned Assessor may request additional information from you to clarify specific aspects of your application.


Ready to apply for CTech?

Ready to apply? The main application is submitted online and you can complete this over time. The online process will guide you through the application process and you can submit your application when you're ready.


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