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Certified Technologist (CTech) is the new standard for IT Professionals within the first few years of their career. Certified Technologists have proven foundational technology, interpersonal and professional practice skills.

Certified Technologist is not a technical or vendor certification, but a qualification that demonstrates professional practice. Certified Technologists:

  • Adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct
  • Continue to develop themselves professionally
  • Demonstrate they can achieve results.


Employers look for CTech on your CV

Certified Technologist accreditation indicates an IT professional meets fundamental standards of competence, education, experience, and ethical conduct. This is an evidence-based qualification and usually requires 3-4 years of combined education and industry experience.

Holders of Certified Technologist may use the CTech post nominal after their name (eg John Smith CTech). CTechs are instantly recognised in New Zealand and around the world as IT Professionals who achieve results.

Research shows that those holding professional accreditation such as CTech and CITPNZ earn significantly more on average than those who don't (or who just hold technical or vendor certification).

Certified Technologist will make a difference to your CV.

Why should you employ certified professionals?

If you employ or contract IT Professionals, find out why it's important to ensure those you hire are accredited by IT Professionals NZ at Information for employers


The Certified Technologist assessment

Other than being a member of ITP, the primary requirement of Certified Technologist is to have been practicing at Level 3 of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) for at least a year. This means working under general direction rather than close supervision, performing broad and sometimes complex and non-routine work, and being accountable for their work.

More about SFIA skills and levels.

Certified Technologist covers:


  • Broad ICT knowledge is assessed via undertaking a self-assessment of a Core Body of Knowledge.
  • Specialist ICT knowledge focuses on a specific IT skill or competency using the SFIA framework.
  • Professional Knowledge relies heavily on the IITP Professional Knowledge Curriculum.
  • Competency and responsibility is again based on SFIA, this time the general level requirements for Level 3.
  • Sound character is important - the public need to be able to have confidence in IT professionals.

The CTech requirements and assessment are robust but achievable for those who have established a career in IT and can demonstrate competence in chosen areas.


Entry requirements

sfialevelsApplicants must be a member of ITP and have been successfully operating at SFIA Level 3 for at least a year. This usually means three to four years of combined IT education and professional practice.

As a guide this might be:

  • an NZQF L4 or above qualification (a certificate, diploma or degree) plus one year's practice or
  • no qualification but a clear educational focus (courses, training, technical certifications, etc) and three years' practice.


Application and assessment process

  1. Complete the 10-step online application
    This requires self analysis of skills or self-reflection. It takes most people between five and 10 hours to complete and can be done in multiple sittings.

  2. Assessment process
    The ITP assessment team will analyse and validate the application, then assess the application against the requirements for Certified Technologist. More information may be requested, if required.


Ongoing requirements to retain Certified Technologist

To remain current, each year a Certified Technologists must:

  • continue to maintain professional conduct
  • complete a minimum of 10 hours of ongoing professional development, including courses, training, reading and upskilling
  • pay the low annual fees
  • continue to meet the practice standard (operating at SFIA Level 3 or above).
  • continue to hold membership to ITP



The Institute charges nominal fees to administer, promote and operate the qualifications programme.

Fee Amount

  • Initial application, assessment and first year's certification   $195
  • Annual certification fee thereafter   $100

All prices quoted include GST

Certified Technologists must remain an Associate or above of ITP NZ.


Ready to apply for CTech?

Ready to apply? The main application is submitted online and you can complete this over time. The online process will guide you through the application process and you can submit your application when you're ready.


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