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ITP Student Membership

If you're studying in a tech-related field, ITP membership via the ITP Student Membership Concession is a great way to get ahead.

As a Student member, you get almost all of the benefits of full or associate membership, but for just $10 a year. And when you graduate, take advantage of our new industry entrant rate for just $95 per year for your first 3 years.

If you're studying now, chances are you're not entirely sure how to find a job later. Maybe you've recently graduated and you're not sure where to start. At ITP we're here to help - while we're not a recruitment agency, we give you the tools to jump-start your future career.

We connect you with industry and put you ahead of the pack, as well as getting you started on your journey of professional practice.

8 reasons to join the IT community

IT Professionals NZ is a community of those working and studying in IT, and your student membership is your gateway to the IT professional community.

Here are 8 quick reasons to join as a student:

1. Expand your industry networks

ITP runs a number of events throughout the year such as "ITP Evening with Industry", free for students in many of the main centres. While you munch down on free pizza, industry professionals tell you about the career options out there and how to best find a job during a recession.

2. Heaps of events and meetups

You can (and should) also attend any of the over 200 ITP events, presentations, courses and workshops nationwide every year at discounted ITP membership rates - with many of them free.

3. Increase your overall employability

Your CV has an "Education" section that lists your qualifications. ITP student members can add another section called "Professional Memberships" and add your ITP membership, showing employers that you're serious about not just joining the industry, but becoming an active member within it - a professional, not just someone who "does IT".

4. Access the ITP Video Library

ITP members have exclusive access to the ITP Video Library, featuring over 3,000 hours of content in more than 36,000 videos. The library features talks and presentations from around New Zealand, as well as a huge library of technical reference videos ideal for your study. Check it out here.

5. Increase your global network

ITP has global affiliates, meaning no matter whether you're heading to Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK, or Australia to work, you can walk into a partner event and be welcomed into the industry there. Check out the full list of kindred organisations. Also, if you want to work overseas having a membership of a professional body on your CV gives you a stamp of credibility to overseas employers. 

6. Increase your awareness of the software and IT industry

IT is about more than computers and tech - it's a key driver in health, education, environmental, entertainment and other industries. Our regular Newsline publication links you to interesting initiatives within all areas of tech, and inform you about events that give back to the community.

7. Get on the right path to professional practice

Start your career the right way. By joining ITP as a student, you're on the right track to becoming a professional with access to the Industry Entrant rate when you graduate.

8. ITP Student Chapters

As a student member you can start or participate in an ITP student chapter at your campus or region. If your campus doesn't already have a student chapter, please contact ITP for information about setting one up. Running an ITP student chapter is incredibly rewarding and having it on your CV might well make the difference come graduation time.

Not bad for $10 a year. And when you graduate, enjoy the New Industry Entrant rate of just $95.

No matter how you look at it, if you're recognised as a professional - someone who believes in excellence - doors will open. ITP membership provides an important point of difference, and joining while still studying shows you're serious.

Cost for students and recent graduates

Most students join as an Associate of ITP. Utilising the student fee concession, membership is just $10 per year. Members can attend ITP meetings and presentations at a discounted rate and in many cases free.

Recent graduates also normally join as an Associate. Via the industry new entrant fee concession, recent graduates can join for just $95 per year.


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