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Corporate and Educational Partnership


The ITP Corporate and Educational Partnership Programme is for companies, tertiary providers and other organisations who want to support their staff's professional development and the work ITP does for the tech sector.


ITP Corporate Partnership

corporate partner271A diverse range of organisations partner with IT Professionals NZ through the Corporate Partner Programme. As well as IT companies of all shapes and sizes, most New Zealand organisations with a reasonably-sized IT department are also partners, as well as many government departments.

Most significant tertiary education providers partner through the Education Partnership (see below).

These organisations share a belief in the need for a professional approach to software and IT. They support ITP's work and make a commitment to the professional development of their staff - they are the leaders in our industry.

8 reasons to join the ITP Partnership Programme

There are lots of reasons to get involved in the ITP Partnership Programme. Here are 8 reasons our partners most often cite:

1. Supporting the IT Profession

IT Professionals NZ works hard on behalf of the IT industry and profession. As well as building the profession and supporting the growth of individual professionals, ITP takes on issues such as reforming education, advocating for the industry, working with Government on initiatives around skill development and much more.

2. Supporting your staff's professional development

Most of ITP's activities are designed to support the professional development of those working in the tech sector; and the development of the profession as a whole. Partnering with ITP is a great gateway to professional development for your staff.

3. Promotion and Recognition for your organisation

As an ITP Partner, you'll have access to heaps of promotional opportunities. For example you can use the ITP Corporate Partner logo on your own website and ITP Partner logos and links are shown on almost every page on the ITP website. We also spotlight partners and their activities via our Newsline publication, getting it out to 10,000 tech professionals across New Zealand.

4. Significant discount on ITP membership for staff

As an ITP Corporate or Educational Partner, your staff can get from 20% to 75% discount on ITP professional membership, depending on the number of staff who are members (see below). You can also choose to cover their membership costs. This is a great way to support your staff's professional development in a relatively inexpensive way.

5. Generous discounts on ITP events and short courses for staff

Staff who are not yet ITP individual professional members get 20% discount on most ITP events and short courses.

6. Use of ITP Partner material

ITP partners may use the appropriate ITP Partner Logo on their website and other promotional material, within reasonable use guidelines. The commitment made by ITP Corporate Partners may well make all the difference in quotes and proposals by differentiating our Partners as organisations making a serious commitment to professionalism.

7. One complimentary ITP membership

One individual also receives a complimentary ITP membership (normal membership criteria applies). This usually goes to either the head of IT (eg CIO), or main contact point for ITP.

8.  Member offers

Our member offers section is where  Corporate and Educational Partners can make discount and other offers direct to ITP members. This is a great way to get your offer in front of thousands of tech professionals at no extra cost.


Membership discount for staff

Staff of Corporate and Educational Partners receive a discount of between 20% and 75% on their individual professional membership, depending on the number of ITP members on staff:

# of ITP members on staff
Partner level
Discount for staff
Cost of
Cost of
Full Member
- Not a Partner  N/A $259 $295
1-4 Corporate Partner A 20%  $207 $236
5-9 Corporate Partner B 33.33%  $173 $196
10-19 Silver Partner 40%  $155 $177
20-29 Gold Partner 60%  $104 $118
30+ Platinum Partner 75%  $65 $74

Note that staff count and discount only applies to staff not paying a concessionary rate, such as students (see this page for more). Prices include GST.


ITP Education Partnership

edu partner271The ITP Education Partner Programme is similar to Corporate Partnership, but exclusively for tertiary educational institutions. ITP partners with most Universities, Polytechs/Institute of Technology, and significant Private Training Establishments in New Zealand through the Education Partnership Programme.

Educational Partnership benefits include:

  • All of the benefits of the ITP Corporate Partnership (above)
  • Involvement in the ITP Education and Research Group (see here)
  • Access to bachelor degree accreditation via the ITP Degree Accreditation Programme
  • Students of the Institution can access special offers and programmes
  • One fixed discounted cost, regardless of institution size

Partnership with ITP allows us to advocate on behalf of the education sector.


Cost of ITP Partnership

Corporate Partnership is graduated depending on the number of IT staff an organisation has. Educational Partnership is a single fixed cost regardless of size.

Organisation Type
Annual Cost 
 Corporate Partner - 1-3 IT Staff $420 + GST
 Corporate Partner - 4-12 IT Staff $790 + GST
 Corporate Partner - 13-49 IT Staff $1,350 + GST
 Corporate Partner - 50+ IT Staff $1,990 + GST
 Corporate Partner - Non-profit/Charity $420 + GST
 Educational Partner (Uni/ITP/PTE) $1,000 + GST


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