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Kaikoura: How technology uncovered a tale of subduction, rifts and transformation.

29 November 2018: 4:15 pm - 7:00 pm

85 Molesworth Street


The magnitude 7.9 Kaikoura earthquake took place two years ago, on 14 November 2016. The earthquake ruptured over 170 km with significant slip along at least 12 major crustal faults and possibly portions of the subduction plate interface beneath the region. In the days to weeks following the earthquake a network of GPS geodetic markers in the top of the South Island was remeasured in collaboration between GNS Science, LINZ and Otago University to better understand what happened during the earthquake.  In addition new temporary and continuous GNSS stations were built around the fault rupture, augmenting the sparse GeoNet/PositionNZ network in the region, with the aim of measuring surface movement following the earthquake. The GPS measurements following the earthquake show variable post earthquake deformation in the region, with sites closest to the epicentre showing minor movement whereas other sites have moved a further 35 cm in the two years since the earthquake.

In this talk Sigrun, will explain what we have learned about the Kaikoura earthquake and post earthquake movements from these measurements.


About The Speaker

Sigrun Hreinsdottir is a geodetic scientist at GNS Science. Her main interests are Geophysics and using GPS measurements to better understand active processes that shape the Earth. Sigrún is in particular interested in deformation related to earthquakes and volcanoes. At GNS Science her research focus is the plate boundary of New Zealand.

Sigrun has a PhD in geophysics from the University  of Alaska Fairbanks and worked as a researcher at the University of Arziona and then as an Associate Professor of Geophysics at the University of Iceland before moving to New Zealand. 

Sigrun has presented to ITP members in the past and this session is a followup to her very extensive work in this area. 

Please arrive by 4:15 pm for a 4:30pm start. At the end of the presentations there will be an opportunity to network over light refreshments.


ITP thanks BECA for providing the venue and light refreshments

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