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Resilience and Mental Wellness: how you and your staff can thrive (ITP national roadshow)

14 November 2018: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Signal ICT Graduate School
123 Vogel St
Dunedin, 9016

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The tech sector is renowned for high-stress and fast pace. But is this taking a toll on our mental health and how do we protect our teams - and ourselves - while still getting the job done?

In this presentation you and your team will:

  • Learn the difference between mental health, mental illness and stress
  • Understand why wellbeing and mental health in the workplace is important
  • Identify signs of stress and overwhelm using the cognitive behavioural model of stress
  • Recognise the importance of recovery for wellbeing, mental health and performance, and
  • Discuss how to practically implement some of these strategies

Resilience and mental health aren't just jargon - they're key to both a safe work environment and performing at your best. Ignore them at your peril.

Mental wellness in the workplace expert Richard Whitney will outline how to protect you and your team's mental health and build resilience. As well as real-world stories, Richard's talk will include practical solutions, best practice guidelines and strategies for creating a safe workplace.

ITP is funding these sessions with a clinical psychologist to promote resilience and mental wellness in the tech sector. Bring your team. This talk is absolutely not to be missed.

Light stand-up lunch included. Please email with any dietary requirements.

The Speaker: Richard Whitney

Richard Whitney is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with Umbrella, one of NZ's leading corporate wellbeing consultancies.

As both a training facilitator and coach, Richard gets alongside people to support their personal growth and professional development. He is passionate about how teams can come together to work more effectively, particularly during organisational change and growth.

Richard's ability to translate psychological theory into relevant anecdotes and examples is rated highly by his clients. In particular, he utilises the scientific research of resilience, wellbeing and mindfulness to help individuals and teams be at their best.

Over his career, Richard has worked with a wide variety of businesses from a range of industries, including IT, health, law, manufacturing, government and engineering. He also managed the human resource development function of a large national company which has informed his commitment to evidence-based practice. 

ITP would like to kindly thank SIGNAL for supporting this event.


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