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Live Panel: What does Data Governance look like in the world of AI?

4 November 2021: 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm

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Machine Learning and AI is redefining how technology - and the world - works. Greater use of ever-increasing volumes of data provide massive opportunity for the world to progress like never before. 

But as luminaries such as Elon Musk have warned, AI also poses a huge risk to humanity.

So a huge opportunity and an equally significant risk. In this webinar panel we'll ask, what does data look like in an AI world and in particular, how can we get data governance and protection right in a way that enables maximum innovation?

The future relies on us getting this right, now.

This live online panel of global experts, in partnership with IFIP's 60th Anniversary, will explore data governance and where that balance lies - within the context of AI and other advances in technology - with lots of time set aside for Q&A.

Our international panel includes:

  • Dame Diane Robertson, Executive Director at the New Zealand Data Trust. Diane is passionate about ensuring the good governance of data to enable organisations to provide excellent services, undertake research and share data and enable better outcomes for communities

  • Tyson Fawcett, Senior Director of Data Management at the Australian Tax Office. Tyson holds a role with significant oversight of data within Australia's federal tax system. He is involved in various standards-setting and other activities around data governance.
  • Geoff Clarke, Regional Standards Manager, Microsoft Australia. Geoff represents Australia on several international standards committees covering topics such as Organizational Governance, Governance of IT, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Alison Holt, e-Judiciary Advisor to the Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea. Alison a world-renown data standards expert, having helped establish several international standards. She is also editor and lead author of Data Governance: Governing data for sustainable business

  • Malcolm Fraser, Chief Data Steward the The Collaborative - a Data Institution. Malcolm is also Establishment Chair of ITPNZ's Data Specialist Group. He is currently contracted to the NZ Government to build and foster regional data-driven innovation ecosystems across NZ.

  • Paul Matthews (facilitator) is the chief executive of IT Professionals New Zealand, the professional body of the tech sector in New Zealand.


Live Panel Format

As this is a panel session, there will be no Tech NewsChat panel at the start, and the session will be slightly longer than normal (finishing at 5.15pm).

We'll ask each panelist to give a short introduction and perspective, followed by extended Q&A and discussion. ITP CEO Paul Matthews will put your questions to the panel live. 



This panel is running in partnership with IFIP's 60th Anniversary Celebrations and is open to an international audience through IFIP member associations. 

IFIP (International Federation of Information Processors) is the leading multinational, apolitical organisation in Information & Communications Technologies and Sciences, recognized by United Nations and other world bodies.

Established under the auspices of UNESCO and the United Nations, IFIP represents IT Societies from over 38 countries/regions, covering five continents with a total membership of over half a million. IT Professionals NZ is the New Zealand representative member of IFIP.


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4.00pm: Panel talks

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4.40pm: Q&A with the Panel

ITP CEO Paul Matthews will put your questions to our guests

5.15pm: Done


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