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Live Webinar: How Covid is impacting the gaming industry

1 October 2020: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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PikPok (previously Sidhe Interactive) is one of NZ's most successful publishers of fun and addictive games across smartphone, tablet, and desktop. They're a global success story, founded right here in New Zealand.

Come and join PikPok Co-founder and Chief Executive Mario Wynands as he talks through developments in the gaming sector over the last few years, and especially the significant impact that Covid-19 has had recently. There are significant immediate and ongoing implications for the digital sector overall.

Mario has been called the "Godfather of video game development in New Zealand" for his huge efforts both building the largest game development studio in New Zealand, but also helping nurture new talent and start-up studios. 

This will be an interesting and informative talk and as always, there'll be plenty of time for Q&A, with ITP CEO Paul Matthews putting your questions to Mario.


ITP Thursday Live Webinar

ITP's magazine-style regular fortnightly Thursday Live Webinars feature the awesome TechBlog Live Tech Media Panel plus a special guest or panel each session.

These webinars are fully interactive, with heaps of time set aside for Q&A.

4.00pm: TechBlog Live - Tech Media Panel

The Thursday Live webinar will kick off with a chat with our Tech Media Panel, giving a quick roundup of this week's big stories on TechBlog and elsewhere.

This week's Tech Media Panel features:

The team are a "who's who" of tech journalism in New Zealand over many years. They know their stuff and between them have edited or covered tech for many household name publications in NZ.

4.20pm: How Covid is impacting the gaming industry

Mario Wynands will talk through recent changes to the gaming industry and how Covid is impacting things.

4.40pm: Q&A with Mario

Your questions will be put to Mario by ITP CEO Paul Matthews.

5.00pm: Done and dusted


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