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Friday Live Webinar: Leading Wellbeing in uncertain times

1 May 2020: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Live Online

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Each Friday of Level 4 lockdown ITP will be hosting the brand new ITP Friday Live webinar.

This week's session features a tech news roundup with the TechBlog team, followed by a great talk and Q&A session from clinical psychologist Gaynor Parkin, talking about leading wellbeing in these uncertain times.

Gaynor will talk about wellbeing and especially from the context of a team - how do you ensure your, your colleagues' and your teams' wellbeing is front of mind? Plus help you gauge where you and your team are at.

These Level-4 weeks are long and times are tough. So grab a beer, wine or juice and finish your week off right with this informative and entertaining session, delivered live online nationwide.


4.00pm: TechBlog Panel Chat

The Friday Live webinar will kick off with a chat with ITP's awesome TechBlog team, giving a quick roundup of this week's big stories on TechBlog and elsewhere.

The TechBlog team includes:

The team are a "who's who" of tech journalism in New Zealand over many years. They know their stuff and between them have edited or covered tech for many household name publications in NZ.

ITP CEO Paul Matthews will facilitate the session and put your questions to the team.


4.20pm: Leading Wellbeing in uncertain times

New Zealand organisations have had to adapt at rapid speed in response to the Covid19 crisis and will need to adapt again as we slowly come out of lockdown.

In this session, clinical psychologist Gaynor Parkin will talk about wellbeing and especially from the context of a team - how do you ensure your, your colleagues' and your teams' wellbeing is front of mind?

The session will help you gauge where you and your team are at in terms of their own wellbeing, recognise and normalise different reactions to this situation as well as understanding what different people might be experiencing right now.

Gaynor will also present a New Zealand model of wellbeing to centre our conversations on. Leaders can expect to come away with practical strategies to boost their own wellbeing as well as actively reflecting on how they best support their people right now, 'walking the talk' and leading effectively.


4.40pm: Q&A with Gaynor Parkin

ITP CEO Paul Matthews will put your questions to Gaynor Parkin - ask her anything about wellbeing or related topics.


5.00pm (ish): Go and enjoy your weekend!

You've earned it.


Connecting in 

We'll be using Zoom's Webinar Edition for this session, so if you haven't used Zoom before we suggest trying to join 5 minutes early to download the software.

We will email the connection details 30-60 minutes prior to the session to those registered, to their registration email address, so please check your email!


The use of Zoom for webinars

We've been watching closely the developments in relation to Zoom and other videoconferencing software.

Having taken advice, we are informed that our use case isn't affected by the issues that have been uncovered to date. For example, our webinars aren't confidential (in fact they're freely available, live), we don't enable chat functions, and none of the other issues affects us at this stage.

While we are concerned and are actively evaluating alternatives, we'll be continuing to use Zoom in the meantime for non-confidential use cases. Those who hold concerns can still access the webinar using the web browser version, or via the ITP Facebook page (albeit without Q&A). 



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While the ITP Friday Live webinar is open to anyone in tech, future sessions may be limited to ITP members only.


Attend today's webinar here


Please note that this session may be video or audio recorded for viewing by other members at a later date. As it is possible that audience members may be incidentally recorded, please let us know if you specifically want to be excluded and we will ensure you are not shown.

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