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Auckland Innovation and Technology Summit

30 June 2011: 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

OGGB-4 (room 260-073)
Owen G Glenn Building
12 Grafton Road

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Help shape the future of technology-led innovation in Auckland

Technology-led innovation in New Zealand faces many challenges, however none are insurmountable.

The IITP Innovation and Technology Summit, in conjunction with Crown Fibre Holdings, Lloyd Executive Recruitment and the NetHui Conference brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, IT Professionals and others from across Auckland to work together to address the challenges and identify the opportunity of a future of technology-led innovation in Auckland.

It's a time to discuss, debate, reflect, then act.

What's it all about?

Auckland is now a new city. There are plenty of opportunities, but for our city to take advantage we need action. The purpose of this Summit is to come together to discuss how the ICT community can shape the future of innovation in Auckland and help get things on track to make Auckland the innovation and technology hub of the south pacific. 

This is your chance to hear from some of the most successful innovators and entrepreneurs in New Zealand but more importantly, a chance to put across your ideas and provide input into the future of our great city. And best of all, it's free!

Panelists include:

  • Rod Drury, CEO of Xero
  • Ian McCrae, CEO of Orion Health
  • Roanne Parker, Owner of Jericho (digital marketing)
  • Michael Whitehead, Owner of WhereScape
  • Rhoda Holmes, Managing Director, Raghnall Ltd
  • Prof John Hosking, Director of Centre for Software Innovation (Auckland University)
  • Rohan MacMahon, Strategy Director at Crown Fibre
  • And others.

Example topics might include the opportunities of Ultra Fast Broadband for Auckland, how the new Auckland Council can be leveraged and what other opportunities are now in play.

The event and discussion will be facilitated by the new IITP Auckland Branch Chair Brett Roberts.

However bring your thinking hats too - this isn't just a sit and listen session. You'll have the opportunity to participate directly in discussion and present your own ideas about making Auckland and New Zealand thrive. The outcomes of this Summit will feed directly into both local and central Government and industry.

Includes refreshments and light meal.


Innovation, like Professionalism, is as much a mindset as it is a set of tools to measure it. So let’s cut through the cr*p and hear from some of the true Auckland ICT entrepreneurs and innovators about how we can get our new super Auckland on track.

Following a panel-style discussion all attendees will have a chance to shape and develop what's been discussed over beer/wine/juice and pizza, then present it back for discussion by a second panel.

Following the main discussion there'll be plenty of opportunity to debate and discuss over refreshments. And this isn’t just a talkfest – the points raised will feed directly into policy discussions at IITP and through to Government, the Auckland Council and industry.

Also in attendance will be IITP President Ray Delany, IITP CEO Paul Matthews, the entire new Auckland Branch Committee and a selection of other leaders from throughout the industry and academia.

Draft Schedule of Event

The draft schedule will be:

  • 5:30pm: Refreshments
  • 6:00pm: First panel discussion of successful Auckland innovators
  • 7:00pm: Break for beer/wine and pizza and group discussions on issues raised
  • 7:30pm: Presentations from groups and second panel discussions of ideas
  • 8:30pm: Closing Refreshments
  • 9:00pm: Conclusion of event

(Agenda subject to change)

A Special Thanks to our Partners

An extra special thanks to premier partner Crown Fibre Holdings for providing the refreshments and Lloyd Executive Recruitment for supporting this event.

crown fibre holdings lloyd

In Partnership with the NetHui Conference

This event is presented in partnership with the NetHui Conference (see Please note, however, that registration to this event is still necessary even if you have already registered for NetHui.



Introducing the new-look IITP Auckland Branch Committee

IITP Auckland Branch Chair Brett Roberts will kick things off with an introduction of the "new look" IITP Auckland Branch, plans for the year and a quick outline of what IITP stands for.

Those that haven’t been involved over the last few years may find IITP has changed - it’s not what you might think.


Registration Details:


Thanks to IITP, Crown Fibre Holdings and Lloyd Executive Recruitment this event is FREE for all those in the ICT and business communities in Auckland – IITP members and non-members alike.

However register early. Numbers are strictly limited and this event will likely fill fast.

Please note that this session may be video or audio recorded for viewing by other members at a later date. As it is possible that audience members may be incidentally recorded, please let us know if you specifically want to be excluded and we will ensure you are not shown.

Attendance Cost


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