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People skills for IT Professionals

12 June 2014: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Terrace Conference Centre
Room: Te Aro 3
Levels 2 - 4
St John House
114 The Terrace

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Please note: venue has changed from initially advertised. 

Are you frustrated with the discussions in your team? Are you sick of the loudest or most senior person always winning? Or are you wondering why certain people never speak up? Do you wish management would really listen to your concerns?  Have you ever been railroaded into a bad design or an unrealistic schedule?

This workshop grew out of exactly those frustrations. The trainer spent years looking for solid, evidence-based solutions.  Solutions which will stand up in the harsh light of day and allow anyone to communicate more persuasively, more effectively, and with less stress. Solutions which will work for even the nerdiest of nerds - such as the trainer himself!

This workshop presents the results of that successful search: a simple approach to communication which anyone can learn, which is backed by significant research from multiple different groups, and which the trainer has road-tested in his own working life.  With these skills you'll be more confident and successful in workplace discussions, and your team will get better results.

Duration: Half Day


Course Content

The course covers the following:

  • How anyone can learn great people skills (It's not about personality)
  • Be real
  • Negotiation
  • Being persuasive and being persuadable
  • Communication myths busted
  • Confidence and vulnerability
  • How to continue practicing these skills, including preparing for difficult discussions and handling surprises

The course content is based on extensive research, much of which was conducted at Harvard University in the United States. The researchers have applied their findings with considerable success in many settings, from boardrooms to war zones. The trainer is not affiliated with any of the research groups.



The workshop will consist of presentation of the core material by the trainer, interspersed with practical exercises and group discussion.



At the end of the course attendees will be able to:

  • Understand an effective evidence-based model of successful communication
  • Understand a number of the key skills that will enable them to apply that model in workplace conversations
  • Know how to continue developing those skills in their daily work
  • But most of all they'll get confidence that they, too, can create better workplace dialogue


Target Audience

Anyone who wants better workplace conversations.  Some of the practical exercises may assume basic knowledge of software design, development or testing, but that's just to illustrate the examples and discussions. No technical knowledge is required to benefit from the course.

The course is suitable for hands-on technical and non-technical IT people, with or without prior experience in people skills. It is also suitable for team leaders and other managers looking to further their skills and improve dialogue in their teams.


Your Trainer

John Rusk has worked in the Wellington IT sector since 1995, primarily in senior technical roles. 

He is currently Software Development Manager/Application Architect at OPSRI New Zealand, working on a project that's helping to rid New Zealand of Bovine Tuberculosis (Tb). His writing on software development has been published by Project Management Institute (PMI), the US Department of Defense and the Institute of IT Professionals.  He has spoken at industry events in Australia, the US and NZ with a focus in recent years on people skills for software engineers.  He blogs at


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