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How to Become a Badass Presenter!

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29 June 2022: 1:00 pm, to
27 July 2022: 4:00 pm

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Live online

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It is something of a cultural trait for Kiwis to be apprehensive about public speaking. Many people struggle to deliver professional presentations, which can in the worst-case scenario be a career limiting restriction.

We believe that professional speaking is a teachable skill that anyone can become proficient in.


Programme Objectives

  • To build confidence by providing the skills and tools necessary to become a powerful presenter
  • To assist participants to plan, organise and deliver effective online and offline presentations
  • To help take the fear out of presenting
  • To get better at communicating/presenting particularly in a Zoom world
  • To provide value to ITP members and upskill them in this crucial technique
  • To make participants "Badass" presenters, i.e., capable and confident


Delivery Format and Schedule

This course will be delivered in three interactive online sessions:

  • Session 1 Wednesday 29 June 1-3pm Understanding the impact of communication styles (2 hours)
  • Session 2 Wednesday 13 July 1-3pm Planning an effective presentation (2 hours)
  • Session 3 Wednesday 27 July 1-4pm Delivery techniques to make your presentation come to life (3 hours)

(The registration fee is for all three sessions, please ensure you are available to attend them all!)

Communications Styles

It is essential to understand and read your audience.
This first session gives participants insights into the four fundamental communications styles and their importance in delivering effective presentations.
This often provides that key "aha!" moment and helps clarify why we communicate better with some people more than others.
The key objective of this session is to learn how to persuasively communicate every time.

This session will cover the following:

  • Introduce the four communication styles
  • Understanding the impact our style has on others and vice versa.
  • Explain the characteristics of each communication style
  • Techniques to help participants recognise each style
  • How to adapt your style as necessary to communicate more effectively
  • Understand how different styles like to receive information
  • Action plan for participants to become proficient in this area
  • Included in this section is an online Communication Styles questionnaire to identify each participant's dominant style. Participants will receive an individualised report as part of this.

Presentation Planning

Great presentations are not made without some planning. Inexperienced presenters are unlikely to be able to keep their presentation to the allotted time and will either run over time leaving key messages rushed or missed entirely. Just as bad, a presentation that is too short may fail to have the desired impact.
This applies equally well to conference-style presentations, sales pitches, or informal presentations in meetings.
The second session covers how to structure a presentation for maximum impact appropriate for the context and within the time available.

This session builds on the learning from the first session and covers the following:

  • Understanding your audience, who they are and what they need to know
  • Setting clear objectives; what you want your audience to think, feel or do
  • Choosing the correct presentation format so that you communicate effectively with your audience, and they can follow you easily
  • Collating your information and research - the right amount and the right type
  • The role of visual aids and how they are there to enhance your presentation rather than distract from it
  • The importance of read-through to check your presentation is on track and relevant
  • Rehearsal and review

Delivery Techniques

This is where we bring it all together to make the presentation powerful. Participants will need to be prepared with a 3-4 minute presentation that they will give online as part of the session.

The third and final session covers delivery techniques to make your presentation come to life:

  • Keeping the attention and interest of your audience through the use of relevant delivery techniques
  • Effective use of eye contact to gain trust and engage your audience
  • Appropriate use of gestures and movements - how these can impact both online and offline presentations
  • The power of voice - how to lose the dreaded monotone and make your voice come to life
  • Zooming it! How to overcome the challenge of online presentation


About the Trainer

4a0d4d_119a727abb0d4bf88f6f9be9e5d524e3_mv2.webpElaine Spearman, Discern Information Systems Ltd.

Elaine has a deep background in strategic communications. Her warm and engaging personality puts clients at ease while addressing tough challenges such as public speaking, running effective meetings or pitching an idea.

Elaine's passion for coaching people to higher performance combined with her extensive experience in public relations gives her a unique combination of specific communications skills and deep business knowledge. 

Elaine has crystalised some of her knowledge in the development of an assessment tool that helps individuals understand how to leverage their natural talents to communicate better in all kinds of situations, personal and professional.


Registration Details:

Registration is for all three sessions, please see schedule above. This course is limited to 8 participants so register now to secure your spot!

You can register for this event via Credit Card online now by using the link below, or alternatively call 0800 252 255 with your Credit Card details.

ITP Corporate Partners and approved organisations can opt to pay by invoice by calling 0800 252 255 or emailing attendee and business details through to [email protected]. Credit criteria and other conditions apply.

Attendance Cost

All ITP Financial Members$525.00 + GST / $603.75 incl GST
Staff of Corporate Partners (20% Discount)$600.00 + GST / $690.00 incl GST
Non-Members$750.00 + GST / $862.50 incl GST

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