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Introduction to Enterprise Agile

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Agile has escaped IT and is now impacting the way we run organisations and even society as a whole. It is already part of the vision and strategy of many organisations in NZ.

Information Technology is seen as the centre of excellence for Agile, and many CIOs are being tasked with disseminating it through the enterprise.

In fact, Agile has become a portmanteau for a suite of new ways of working and managing which are triggering a social renaissance in how we work. These draw from sources such as Agile, Lean, complex systems theory, design thinking, and occupational safety, as well as the humanities of philosophy, psychology, and sociology.

Rob and Cherry are helping large enterprises and getting excellent results transforming the management and the work.

This course will look at these new ways from an organisational perspective, and map IT's role in influencing and leading a transformation.

The workshop covers:

  • The impact of the new ways of working
  • The trajectory of Agile from IT to the world
  • What are the new ways of working and managing.
  • How organisations are looking to IT to lead.
  • How to transform to new ways within IT and beyond.

Learning Outcomes:

  • That this renaissance is not hypothetical, in fact it is already mainstream.
  • Challengingly different principles for how we work - new ways of thinking.
  • Why changing management matters as much as changing work.
  • The concepts of value systems and networks.
  • An overview of the new ways of working and managing.
  • Resources for you to go deeper.
  • Our model and approach for transformation.

Who this course is for:

  • Executives, leaders, and managers within IT and in other areas of organisations. This impacts everything: governance, finance, HR, and every aspect of actual value work.
  • Those who consult to them, audit them, or govern them.
  • Anyone interested in how the worlds of work, government, and governance are changing.

Course Trainers

Dr Cherry Vu (Vũ Anh Đào) Ph.D. is an expert on training leaders; and an experienced consultant to government and business on organisational change, change management, and culture change. She has worked and studied in New Zealand, Germany, and Vietnam.
She has helped business and public sector organisations develop their change management capabilities. Cherry applies the most practical skills and instruments to optimise their change outcomes with a goal of arming leaders, practitioners, and change agents.
Lately she has been immersing in the IT industry, bringing a different perspective to it. She holds a PhD in public policy from VUW, as well as Master of Public Management, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of English Language, and Bachelor of Culture. She is certified in DevOps Foundations and Agile Service Management.

Rob England B.Sc., CITP is a self-employed commentator and consultant. He consults in New Zealand on enterprise Agile, and on IT governance and practices such as DevOps and ITIL. Internationally, he is best known for his blog "The IT Skeptic" and half a dozen books on IT, and he speaks widely at conferences and online.
Rob was the NZ IT Service Management Champion for 2010, he is a life member of the itSMF, and he is an acknowledged contributor to the DevOps Handbook and to ITIL 2011. Rob is New Zealand's only certified DevOps Foundation, DevOps Test Engineering, and Agile Service Management instructor.

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