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Please only proceed if you understand the process for seeking confirmation that your qualification meets the benchmark requirements for CITPNZ in New Zealand (details), have the necessary documentation (including the completed ITPNZ Evidence Document, and NZQA Recognition Statement if you have undergone an International Qualification Assessment), and understand that there is a cost of $NZD 650 for this service.

Use this form to upload your documentation to be assessed by IT Professionals New Zealand (ITPNZ). We will then assess whether your qualification and subsequent learning meet the benchmark educational requirements for Chartered IT Professional NZ certification in New Zealand.

Your evidence must include:

  • Details of your qualification(s) in the form of:
    • A copy of your Official Transcript, or
    • An Official Letter from your awarding institution outlining the courses or papers that make up your qualification(s), or
    • Some other official document outlining the courses or papers that made up your qualification(s).

    NOTE: If this document is in a language other than English, you will need to provide an English translation as well.
  • The ITPNZ Evidence Document outlining how your qualifications and subsequent learning meet the benchmark requirements for CITPNZ in New Zealand. Download and complete the ITP Evidence Document here.
  • If the base qualification(s) you would like included in this assessment are not from New Zealand and are not included on the NZQA List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment, your IQA Recognition Statement confirming the equivalent NZQF level for the qualification(s).

More details about these requirements are on the Immigration page.

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