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ITP Projects and Activities

As well as member activities and services, ITP runs a number of projects and other activities on behalf of the IT industry and profession, from the TechHub in-school programme, to the Cloud Computing Code of Practice and ITx conference. ITP is also the voice of the IT profession to Government and others.

Advocating for the IT Profession

ITP is the voice of the IT profession, working on behalf of the industry on a range of issues. We utilise our strong relationships with Governmente to tackle issues that are important to IT Professionals.

Recent issues taken on by ITP include reforming digital technology education in schools, forming and serving in the Digital Skills Forum with Government and industry, tackling disparities in tech research funding, immigration issues, government procurement, TPP and other trade deals, IRD's transformation project, getting rid of software patents and much more.

Check out the Advocating for the Profession page for more.

Reforming tech education

From bringing about the introduction of Digital Technologies Achievement Standards in schools, through to leading a review and replacement of all tertiary sub-degree tech qualifications, ITP is at the forefront of creating clearer pathways into industry.

Check out the Reforming tech education page for more.

TechHub in Schools

TechHub (formerly ICT-Connect) is ITP's in-school tech career evangelist programme, providing hundreds of presentations in schools across NZ every year, as well as the CREST Challenge, Careers expos, and advice for those looking at a career in IT.

Through TechHub, ITP has reached hundreds of thousands of school students and their parents, and helped lead an increase in the number of kids choosing to study towards a career in IT.

Check out the TechHub in Schools page for more.

Degree Accreditation

Aligned to an international cross-recognition agreement, ITP accredits the best industry-aligned computing-related Bachelor degrees in New Zealand, to provide guidance on the best option for those pursuing a career in IT.

As a provisional signatory to the international Seoul Accord, ITP is working towards ensuring these degrees have full recognition in other Accord countries including the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

See the Degree Accreditation page for more.

Cloud Computing Code of Practice

At the request of the Cloud Computing industry, ITP put together the Cloud Computing Code of Practice, to help Cloud users differentiate between cloud providers and identify those who operate transparently and openly.

Check out the CloudCode page for more info.

New Zealand Excellence in IT Awards

ITP runs the biennial New Zealand Excellence in IT Awards, a major gala dinner awards evening recognising the individuals and teams who have truly excelled in our industry. While other awards focus on companies and vendors, the Excellence in IT Awards exclusively celebrates our people.

What makes the Excellence in IT Awards different is that it recognises the real people behind software and information technology - the people that make IT work. The unsung heroes and champions of our sector. 

The NZ Excellence in IT Awards are not just ITP's awards - ITP has partnered with 10 other tech bodies to make the awards truly cross-sector.

Check out the Excellence in IT Awards pages for more.

ITx Conference

ITP also runs the huge collaborative ITx conference, held in Wellington every two years.

ITx is where New Zealand's digital technology sector comes together. Running at the TSB Bank Arena complex in the heart of Wellington, ITx attracts delegates from right across New Zealand and in some cases, the world.

ITx focuses on innovation, technology and education and brings IT professionals, decision-makers, leaders and academics together under one roof. This is a conference like no other: where industry, academia and government come together to network, learn and engage.

ITx 2016 brought together over 800 technologists and leaders from across NZ and the world.

Check out the ITx Conference pages for more.

Software and Data Escrow

Through a wholly-owned subsidiary company, ITP provides full secure software escrowing facilities for sourcecode/software, research data and documents to protect developers and their clients in the future.

With escrowNZ, ITP members, partner companies and others can provide their clients with peace of mind that if something goes wrong in the future, they're covered.

Check out the EscrowNZ page for more.

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