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More information about mentoring

The goal of the ITP Mentoring Programme is to support the development needs of IT professionals currently working in our industry.

The programme will assist the person being mentored (the Mentee) to reach specific goals, clearly aligned with the profession and Mentee's career.

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ITP Mentoring Principles

The ITP Mentoring Programme adheres to the following principles:

  1. Mentoring should be a supportive, non-judgmental and constructive process.
  2. Mentoring facilitates career development and skills exchange.
  3. The Mentor and Mentee are committed to a beneficial mentoring relationship.
  4. Mentoring should be a protected confidential relationship based on mutual respect.

Duration of the programme

Mentoring relationships can run for longer, however the initial commitment is 12 months and this is the recommended timeframe for a formal mentoring relationship.


The Mentor and Mentee are required to sign the ITP Mentoring Agreement. A copy of the agreement will be held by both parties as well as the ITP Mentoring team.

ITP does not view other documentation that may be passed between the Mentor and Mentee during the course of the mentoring relationship. All information exchanged between the Mentor and Mentee should be treated as confidential between the pair.

Mentor/Mentee Matching

The ITP Mentoring team will match Mentees with Mentors based on the information provided on application forms and a discussion with specific mentors and mentees.

The Mentoring team will endeavour to make sure:

  • The Mentor and Mentee are located in the same city
  • They work in the same area of IT, dependent on the Mentees mentoring goals and objectives
  • They have a similar personality type
  • If possible, all other preferences specified in the application been met


Complaints Policy

A complaint or expression of dissatisfaction about the Mentoring programme may be made by a Mentor, Mentee, or ITP staff member.

An individual may have grounds for a complaint if they are unhappy about an issue related to the programme, for example:

  • The overall management, or specific aspect of the mentoring programme
  • Mentor/Mentee match
  • A violation of professional ethics or boundaries under the ITP Code of Ethics

The ITP Mentoring Team will be the first point of contact for informal or formal complaints. The ITP Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring the complaints process is effective and timely and the quality and integrity of the programme is upheld.

Informal Complaints

Most complaints can be resolved informally. If you feel you have grounds for a complaint, you should discuss it with the ITP Mentoring team.

The Mentoring team will respond to your complaint as soon as possible and will take responsibility for addressing the issue and finding a solution. Possible approaches could include:

  • Facilitating discussions with each party involved
  • Re-matching Mentors and Mentees

Formal Complaints

If you feel your complaint relates to behavior that seriously violates ITP Code of Ethics, you should notify the ITP Mentoring team immediately and you'll be advised how to lodge a formal complaint.


Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for the ITP Mentoring service can be found here

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