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Information for Mentees

If you're serious about career advancement and professional development, look no further than the ITP Mentoring Programme.

People who are mentored almost invariably have a greater understanding of themselves and are in greater control of their own decisions. Mentees subsequently advance their own careers at a faster rate than people who are not being mentored.

As a Mentee, mentoring can:

  • Identify new areas needed for your professional development and growth
  • Gain new insights and knowledge about the profession
  • Clarify your career direction
  • Provide regular and constructive feedback
  • Provide professional support and networking opportunities

Who should be Mentored?


Everyone!  Mentoring is about individuals taking the next step in career development, hence those that actually want to advance themselves professionally have the most to gain.

So if you're serious about moving ahead as an IT professional, mentoring is for you.

It's also important to differentiate Mentoring from Coaching - Mentors will not attempt to advise you directly, but should assist you to come to your own conclusions as to how best achieve your goals.

Responsibilities of an ITP Mentee

The following are the responsibilities of a Mentee under the ITP programme:

  • With the Mentor, decide on your goals for the individual relationship
  • Meet with your Mentor once a month, or as agreed. There is a commitment to meet at least 10 times during the 12 month programme
  • With your Mentor decide how contact will occur. For example, face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, email or video calls
  • Keep to the agreed contact commitment
  • Strictly respect confidentiality
  • Communicate with your Mentor
  • Ensure both parties sign and receive a copy of the Mentoring Agreement. A copy should also be sent to: ITP Mentoring Team, PO Box 10-044, Wellington

Eligibility for Mentees

Members registering for the ITP Mentoring Programme need to meet some basic criteria. Students are not eligible for mentoring and mentoring works best for those who have already started their career.

Mentees must:

  • Be a member of ITP (Associate or above)
  • Generally have worked fulltime for more than 12 months
  • Be looking for mentoring to reach specific career goals aligned to the tech profession
  • Generally be working fulltime now, as mentoring is in relation to your career

How The Programme Works


What does it cost?

As an ITP member, there is absolutely no cost to take part in the programme, other than a commitment of time. All members not currently receiving a membership concession (eg Student Members) are eligible - we're identifying other opportunities for our student members.

The full Mentoring Guide document is provided free for those participating in the programme.


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