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Why be a Chartered IT Professional?

CITPNZ is about recognition. Recognition of IT and software professionals who practice based on experience, education and ethics.

Employers, government, the business community and the public are looking for ways to differentiate IT professionals that are experienced, knowledgeable, and who operate based on a principle of ethics - the same principles that underpin professional accreditation in most other professions.

Get the recognition you deserve

Those with CITPNZ are the real deal. Chartered IT Professional accreditation shows internationally agreed standards of competence, education, experience, and ethical conduct are met. This is a robust evidence-based qualification and usually requires 8-10 years of combined education and industry experience, the latter to a senior level.

Evidence-based means that unlike many other certifications, it's can't be learnt from a textbook. CITPNZ recognises senior IT Professionals that can do, not just talk. Only those who have achieved proven results and with the right mix of experience and educational foundation can achieve Chartered status and the recognition that goes with it.

CITPNZ enhances your career

CITPNZ has been tailored from the international CITP standard for New Zealand IT professionals. While drawing from and meeting the robust CITP standard, CITPNZ has additional steps that focus on competency and results in New Zealand's IT and business environment. This shows New Zealand employers, clients and others they can have confidence in CITPNZ professionals.

Research has shown that those holding professional accreditation like CITPNZ earn 15.2% more on average than those who don't - and 11.4% more than vendor certs alone. (details)

Evidence that you're a senior professional

As a Chartered IT Professional, you'll have the tools provided to promote your commitment to professionalism, for example:

  • Use of the CITPNZ post nominal (eg John Smith MIITP CITPNZ)
  • Use of logos for email signatures, websites, business cards, stationary, etc
  • Access to the CITPNZ LinkedIn group, so others can see you have CITPNZ at a glance
  • Text that can be used for tender responses, quotations, etc that help create a point of difference
  • Text that can be used to meet the needs of government RFP responses calling for evidence of competency

The Institute also actively promotes Chartered IT Professional NZ in New Zealand. Promotion includes large billboards, online advertising, promotion through media comment and advocacy direct to Government.

Support the profession

CITPNZ also makes a statement about the sort of person you are. Chartered IT Professionals show that they support professionalism and believe IT professionals should be just that - professionals.

Ready to apply for CITPNZ?

Ready to apply? The main application is submitted online and you can complete this over time. The online process will guide you through the application process and you can submit your application when you're ready.


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