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Breadth of Knowledge test

Part of the application process for CITPNZ is a Breadth of Knowledge test, testing broad knowledge in IT. The Breadth of Knowledge test must be undertaken by all applicants before CITPNZ can be awarded. Those who transferred from ITCP have up to two years to pass the test.

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Find out more about booking your Breadth of Knowledge test and taking the practice test here.

Why include a Breadth of Knowledge test?

Regardless of practice area or IT role, it's essential that all IT professionals have a base-level understanding of the concepts underpinning all areas of IT. For example, the best developers understand the concepts of IT service management, testing, business analysis and the technology platform - even if these things aren't directly relevant to their work.

This is the same for all professions. Accountants need a broad understanding of Accounting, even if they're only specialising in one area. In fact possessing a broad domain knowledge is one of the key things that differentiates a professional.

Structure of the test

The test comprises 75 multiple choice questions which cover a broad range of topics. You will be asked 15 questions in each of these categories:

  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Business Change
  • Solution, Development and Implementation
  • Service Management
  • Management Support and Professional Issues

As well as achieving a pass mark of 8/15 in each of the 5 sections, candidates must correctly answer 50/75 (67%) overall. If candidates don't pass the first time they will be able to re-sit once. If this is unsuccessful, the application will lapse and the candidate will have to wait 6 months before applying for CITPNZ again.

Applicants can take up to two hours to complete the test, however most will not need this long. The test must be undertaken in person in invigilated (ie exam) conditions.

The test is available to sit at locations across New Zealand and there is no additional cost to sit the test. Overseas applicants may be able to sit the test at international Test Centres - please contact us for more information.

Practice test

All applicants will have access to a "practice test" online as part of their application process. This will be made available as soon as an application is submitted, so applicants can practice while the application is being processed.

Find out more about booking your Breadth of Knowledge test and taking the practice test here.

You can view the Breadth of Knowledge Test Curriculum here [external link].

Sample questions

Here are five sample questions that demonstrate the types of questions asked:

How can organisations protect against attacks by malicious software?

A requirement states that the proposed system must produce a management information report. How would this requirement be classified?

An organisation is developing software for monitoring patients’ blood pressure during surgical operations. The requirements are very well understood, but the consequences of software failure are severe At best, it could mean the cancellation of an operation, at worst, the death of a patient.Hence, a systematic, planned approach to testing is vital.

Which of the following approaches for delivering the software would specifically address these requirements?

Which of the following contains best practice guidelines for IT service management?

As a CITP you must not claim a level of competence you do not possess. Which of the following are necessary to prove your competence?

  1. You have worked with the technology before
  2. You have successfully completed similar assignments
  3. You studied this topic at university
  4. You are familiar with the specific application

Thank you for completing the Breadth of Knowledge taster questions

You scored out of correctly

During the application process for Chartered status, there is an opportunity to take the full 75 question "mock test" before taking the real test.


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