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Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) is the international gold standard accreditation for senior IT professionals customised for New Zealand. ITP is licensed to award CITP status by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT based in the UK.

Chartered IT Professional is recognised both within New Zealand and abroad, and as an independently assessed competency-based qualification, provides the evidence to support senior IT professionals who want to show they achieve real results in IT.

Transition from IT Certified Professional (ITCP)

CITPNZ is at a similar level to the Institute's current ITCP certification. Those who held ITCP on 31 January 2015 were automatically transferred to CITPNZ with some conditions. Read more


Recognition as a Chartered IT Professional

Chartered IT Professional accreditation shows internationally agreed standards of competence, education, experience, and ethical conduct are met. This is a robust evidence-based qualification and usually requires 8-10 years of combined education and industry experience, the latter to a senior level.

CITPNZ has been tailored from the international CITP standard for New Zealand IT professionals. While drawing from and meeting the robust CITP standard, CITPNZ has additional steps that focus on competency and results in New Zealand's IT and business environment. This shows New Zealand employers, clients and others they can have confidence in CITPNZ professionals.

Holders of CITPNZ may use the CITPNZ or CITP post nominal after their name (but not both) and gain recognition both in New Zealand and internationally as the real deal - senior IT professionals who have been independently peer reviewed from a practical, results-based perspective.

CITPNZ will make a difference

Research has shown that those holding professional accreditation like CITPNZ earn 15.2% more on average than those who don't - and 11.4% more than vendor certs alone.


The CITPNZ assessment

The primary requirement of Chartered IT Professional is to have been practicing at Level 5 of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) for at least 3 of the last 5 years. This means having reached a point where they are accountable for what is often self-initiated work, and responsible for meeting allocated technical and/or project/supervisory objectives.

An outline of SFIA Level 5 is here.

CITPNZ covers the following areas:


  • Broad ICT knowledge is assessed with a formal test, exploring many of the fundamental concepts underpinning IT.
  • Specialist ICT knowledge focuses on two specific IT skills or competencies, again using the SFIA framework.
  • Professional knowledge relies heavily on the IITP Professional Knowledge Curriculum.
  • Competency and responsibility is also based on SFIA.
  • Sound character is important - the public need to be able to have confidence in IT professionals.

The CITPNZ assessment is robust but achievable

CITPNZ is a prestigious assessment readily achievable by senior IT professionals who can show competence in their area of IT. Having an IT degree is not mandatory, but an educational basis for practice is important, such as courses, qualifications, or on-the-job training.


Entry requirements

sfialevelsThe primary entry requirement is that an applicant can show they have been successfully operating at SFIA Level 5 for at least three of the last five years. This usually means 8 to 10 years of IT professional practice.

This might be:

  • a NZ Qualifications Framework (NZQF) L7 or above qualification (eg bachelors degree) plus five or more years' practice including three at a senior or supervisory level, or
  • no qualification but a clear educational focus and 8 to 10 years' practice including at least three at a senior or supervisory level, or
  • if an academic, holding a position of senior lecturer or above and being established in their field.

Note that this is a guideline only - CITPNZ is an evidence-based qualification. The important thing is to be able to demonstrate working competently and delivering results at SFIA Level 5 or above for at least three (of the last five) years.

Holders of CITP awarded by other bodies (such as BCS) may also transfer their certification to CITPNZ. Please contact us to transfer your certification.

Why should you employ accredited professionals?

If you employ or contract IT Professionals, find out why it's important to ensure those you hire are accredited by the Institute of IT Professionals NZ at Information for employers



The Institute charges nominal fees to administer, promote and operate the qualifications programme.

Fee Amount

  • Initial application, assessment and first year's certification   $590
  • Annual certification fee thereafter   $195

All prices quoted include GST

Chartered IT Professionals must remain a Member or above of IT Professionals NZ.


Ready to apply for CITPNZ?

Ready to apply? The main application is submitted online and you can complete this over time. The online process will guide you through the application process and you can submit your application when you're ready.


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