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Renewing your CTech

Certified Technologist must be renewed every 5 years. For most people this is a quick and simple 15-30 minute process outlining how you continue to meet the CTech requirements.

Renewing CTech is usually done via completion of a fillable PDF form, and submitted to our Certifications team. This should take around 15-30 minutes to complete and can be submitted anytime in the 6 months prior to CTech expiring.


Why CTech needs to be renewed

Certified Technologist (CTech) isn't like a degree or other qualification that just affirms that a certain set of knowledge or skills are held at one point in time; it's also a peer-reviewed certification that senior IT Professionals practice professionally, and do so on an ongoing basis.

This means that CTech holders need to confirm periodically (every 5 years) that they continue to meet the robust requirements of CTech, as well as participate in occassional audits in other years.


Renewal process

In most cases renewal doesn't involve a full assessment like the application process for CTech. Everyone who holds CTech has already undertaken a significant assessment initially, so the 5-yearly review just looks at whether a Certified Technologist continues to meet the standard.

Details are below, but basically the renewal process looks at whether the CTech holder:

  1. Still works at SFIA Level 3 (or above) in the Autonony, Influence, Complexity and Business Skills areas of SFIA (details here)
  2. Has undertaken 10 hours of CPD per year, focusing on the last 12 months prior to the review
  3. Meets the other requirements of CTech, such as good character requirements

The easiest way to provide this evidence is to complete the fillable PDF form, save it, and email to [email protected]. You can complete this on almost any device, or print and manually complete the form (completing it electronically is recommended).

The assessor assigned to the renewal application may request additional information. If it is not possible to ascertain that the CTech holder meets the requirements, a full review may be necessary. This is similar to the initial application including a full interview.

Due to recent changes to the CTech requirements, the process of renewing CTech has been streamlined and there is now no cost to renewing, other than the usual annual cost of maintaining CTech.


Guide to completing the renewal Form

ITPNZ has opted for a fillable PDF form for renewal applications, to enable applicants to complete the form over several sittings if necessary and submit it easily via email when ready. Fillable PDF Forms are compatible with a wide range of computers and devices.

Applicants may alternatively opt to simply submit the following information in an email if they prefer.

The following is a short guide to the information requested:

Current role details

Enter your name, member (or CTech) number, current role/occupation, current employer (if applicable) and a brief outline of your roles/occupations over the last 3 years (if different).

Your member number is listed in the ITP member portal, or alternatively search for your name on the CTech register. Leave this blank if you are unsure.

SFIA Level 3 requirements

On the following pages, provide examples of your continuing work, and achievement of results, operating at SFIA level 3 (or above) in the areas of Autonomy, Influence, Complexity and Business Skills. The definitions are on the form or here, and this is expected to be for at least 2 of the last 3 years.

If you haven't worked the equivalent of 2 of the last 3 years as an IT Professional, please contact us. In some circumstances we can exempt you from this requirement provided you have sufficient practice experience over the last 5 years.

It's important to include actual examples from your work experience when completing this section. Note that you do not need to provide evidence of this in the form - ITP will contact you if more information is required.

CPD requirements

Certified Technologists must complete an average of at least 10 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year (or 20 if they are a full ITP member). This is audited periodically, and the last 12 months is reported on when completing your CTech renewal.

ITP uses a points system to determine how much of each activity counts towards this total (ie what proportion of an activity counts as CPD). Those with CTech need 10 points in total, with One (1) CPD point earned for any activity lasting up to 3 hours (including networking) and for longer activities, three (3) CPD points are earned per half-day.

CPD can include any of the following to a maximum of 5 points each (per year):

  • Formal training, workshops, conferences, courses, presentations, events, trade presentations or other related activities, up to 5 points for any one activity.
  • "On the job" training, where such training is not just standard work.
  • Professional reading including relevant academic journals, trade magazines or general IT or other publications related to the work of the individual.
  • Participation in ITP's Mentoring, TechHub in Schools or other outreach programmes.

Note that for full members requiring 20 points of CPD, these can count up to 10 points each.

Up to 2.5 points can also be included for service on the Institute's National Board, Branch Committees, Boards, Advisory or Steering Groups or other similar formally constituted group, and other activities may be approved by ITP.

When filling in the renewal form, only include details of the activities that show at least 10 hours' of CPD using the above formulas. No evidence is required, however we recommend keeping evidence for 12 months as a proportion of renewals will be audited.

Other requirements

Finally, the form asks you to confirm:

  1. To the best of your knowledge, you believe you continue to meet the CTech ongoing requirements in every way.
  2. You have not been convicted of a crime in the last 5 years, and to the best of your knowledge you are not currently under investigation by the New Zealand Police, nor do you have charges pending, on any matter related to dishonesty or fraud. (If so, please outline them on the last page)
  3. You have answered all questions truthfully to the best of your knowledge.

You can confirm this by placing a checkmark in each of the 4 boxes, with your name and date underneath.


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