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CTechCTech ongoing requirements

IT Professionals must stay current while holding Certified Technologist.

To stay current, Certified Technologists must:

  • conduct themselves professionally
  • complete a minimum of 10 hours of ongoing professional development a year, for example courses, training, reading and upskilling
  • pay the low annual fees
  • continue to meet the practice standard (operating at SFIA Level 3).


Professional Conduct

Certified Technologists must comply with the ITP Code of Ethics at all times.

One principal ethical consideration is that of confidentiality of client information. IT Professionals are entrusted with access to all kinds of sensitive information, from trade secrets and commercially sensitive data through to personal emails. A professional does not abuse this trust.

Certified Technologists must notify ITP immediately where any legal action is taken against them, whether criminal or civil, alleging professional misconduct, theft, fraud, or any other matter of dishonesty.

ITP may suspend the CTech of any member while a review is conducted to ascertain whether a breach of the Code of Ethics has occurred.


Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Certified Technologists must complete a minimum of 10 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) per year, as defined in the ITP Bylaws.

This is recorded through the ITP member portal, and all courses and training registered with a contactable referee (e.g. an individual who can confirm attendance if required, such as the person holding the course).


Payment of Accreditation Fees

Annual certification fees and ITP Membership dues must be paid on time to maintain Certified Technologist.

Failure to pay these Fees and Dues by the due date may result in ITP temporarily withdrawing CTech, or, if Fees remain unpaid, cancelling the member's accreditation.


5-yearly renewal

To ensure a high ongoing standard all Certified Technologists must renew their accreditation every 5 years.

Renewing CTech involves submitting a written document and other material demonstrating that all entry and ongoing requirements of CTech are still being met. If this is not renewed, CTech will lapse if 63 months has passed since CTech was awarded or the last renewal.


Ready to apply for CTech?

Ready to apply? The main application is submitted online and you can complete this over time. The online process will guide you through the application process and you can submit your application when you're ready.


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