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CTechCore Body of Knowledge

A Core Body of Knowledge outlines the foundational knowledge for a specific subject domain or profession such as software and IT, and is vital to provide a set of "core" knowledge underlying the specialist or specialty knowledge of a profession.

To obtain CTech, applicants must study the Body of Knowledge outlined below, and confirm that they are familiar with its content.


Body of Knowledge for CTech

IT does not yet have an internationally accepted or widely used single Body of Knowledge, although there are some interesting initiatives occuring which may change this in future.

For the purposes of CTech, ITP has recognised the EUCIP Core Syllabus as an appropriate Body of Knowledge. This will be reviewed annually and may change in future.

Download the three-part EUCIP Core Syllabus here.


plan-build-operateEUCIP Core Syllabus

The EUCIP Core Syllabus is made up of three knowledge areas (KAs), supporting ICT professionals to Plan, Build and Operate information systems. Each is structured in the same way, comprising module goals, major knowledge categories, topics within each category, and specific knowledge items. 

An IT professional who is able to demonstrate sound and sufficient knowledge of the items within a module can be considered to have mastered that core knowledge area. This structure makes it ideal as a Body of Knowledge.

The Core Syllabus is available from the EUCIP Website as a single PDF:


EUCIP Areas Covered

The following areas are covered in EUCIP Core:

Core Syllabus A: Plan

  • Organisations and their Use of IT
  • Management of IT
  • Measuring the Value of IT
  • The Global Networked Economy
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Legal and Ethical Issues

Core Syllabus B: Build

  • Systems Development Process and Methods
  • Data Management and Databases
  • Programming
  • User Interface and Web Design

Core Syllabus C: Operate

  • Computing Components and Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Communications and Networks
  • Network Services
  • Wireless and Mobile Computing
  • Network Management
  • Service Delivery and Support

IT Professionals should have a solid understanding of most areas of the Core Body of Knowledge, even if they do not relate directly to their work.

Note that ITP NZ is not affiliated with EUCIP. Full details about EUCIP, including assessment options available for the Core Syllabus, are available at


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