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ITP Member Services

IT Professionals NZ focuses on professional development, providing a range of events, courses, professional and ethical practice guidelines, and services such as Mentoring for members.

As well as providing recognition as a professional, ITP membership includes a range of free and subsidised services specifically designed to support the professional development of members. ITP also runs many activities on behalf of the profession.

Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines

Above all else, the essence of being a professional is operating ethically and with the interests of the public, community, and the client at the forefront of their actions. Members of IT Professionals NZ subscribe - and are held accountable - to the ITP Code of Ethics.

ITP also provides professional practice guidelines in the form of the ITP Code of Practice, a good practice guidance framework for IT Professionals, and the ITP Professional Knowledge Curriculum outlining the professional knowledge IT Professionals should possess.

Events and Short Courses

ITP runs over 200 events and short courses every year as well as running ITx, New Zealand's Conference of IT. Events run in all of the main centres across New Zealand.

ITP events focus on the latest trends and topics in the sector, along with providing great networking opportunities. In the most recent member survey, 80% of attendees rated ITP events as very good or excellent quality, and 97% rating them average or better.

Keeping you informed

ITP keeps members informed on what's happening in the sector, via the professionally edited TechBlog, as well as Newsline and Newsline-extra email-based publications.

TechBlog and Newsline are edited by Paul Brislen. Newsline includes a summary of content from TechBlog and is sent every 2 weeks, with Newsline Extra coming out on Fridays and including commentary on the tech news of the week.

Professional Certification

For those wanting to get ahead in their career by proving competence, IT Professionals NZ oversees Certified Technologist (CTech) certification, and Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) for senior professionals.

CTech and CITPNZ are independent assessments of competency, mapped to an international framework called SFIA. Being competency-based, evidence of actual practice and results is assessed rather than just theory.


ITP provides a professionally managed mentoring programme, pairing up mentees with trained mentors and coordinating the whole process.

Professional Liability Insurance


ITP represents the tech professional community to Government, industry, media, the public and others. With a heavy focus on educational pathways and professional practice, ITP also takes on issues related to skills development, intellectual property (such as working to remove the threat of software patents), procurement, tax law impacting tech professionals and much more.

Other services coming soon

Lastly, ITP has announced that a comprehensive Video Library, including over 100 videos of presentations at ITP conferences and events, and the ITP Marketplace featuring exclusive member offers on a range of products and services, will be coming online in the next few months.


ITP and our members are also involved in numerous other projects and activities on behalf of the tech professional community.

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