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Find our Wellington office

The main ITP Office and Event Centre is located on level 24 of the Plimmer Tower office building between Lambton Quay and Gilmer Terrace:

Level 24, Plimmer Tower
2 Gilmer Terrace

You can access Plimmer Tower from either Lambton Quay or Gilmer Terrace.

Gilmer Terrace is the best entrance if you're walking from The Terrace, taxiing, Ubering or driving. Lambton Quay is the best entrance if you're walking from the CBD.


Gilmer Terrace entrance (Taxi, Uber, Driving)

1. Order your Uber or Taxi to 2 Gilmer Terrace:

2. The entrance is on the right at the start of Gilmer Terrace, the first carpark on the corner:


3. Paid parking is available in this parking building, or get dropped off near the Travelodge entry in the carpark.

4. The entrance to Plimmer Tower is adjacent to the carpark, near the Travelodge (but don't enter the Travelodge entrance!)

5. Take the lifts to Level 24. You're there!


On foot from Lambton Quay

1. To access Plimmer Tower from Lambton Quay, enter the Plimmer Steps alley at 340 Lambton Quay:

2. Enter between Michael Hill and Atticus Shoes. Don't go up the steps! Instead, enter Plimmer Tower at the right side of the steps:


3. Go up the escalators until you reach the lobby at the top of the escalators (4th floor).

4. Walk through the lobby and enter the lifts behind the main Plimmer Towers sign:


5. Head up the lift to Level 24. You're there!


Where we are on Level 24

Exit the lifts and follow the signage:

  • Northern side:

    • Main ITP Office

    • ITP Boardroom

  • Southern side:

    • ITP Event Centre

    • Meeting Room 2

    • Zoom Room


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