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ITP Executive & National Board

The National Board is the governing body of ITP and is responsible for the overall governance and direction of the organisation. The Board is made up of an Executive including the President, Deputy President and Chief Executive (non-voting), plus six membership-elected Board members. 

The membership elects the National Board, with at least one Board Member coming from the Northern, Central and Southern regions. Board members serve for a 2-year term.


         ITP Executive:

  • AnthonyDowling
    Anthony Dowling
    ITP President

  • RobynKamira
    Robyn Kamira
    Deputy President

  • vicm
    Victoria MacLennan
    Chief Executive

        ITP National Board:

  • NathanBromberg
    Nathan Bromberg
    Northern Region (Whangarei)

  • outline
    Steve Reeves
    Northern Region (Hamilton)

  • AlisonHolt
    Alison Holt
    Central Region (Wellington)

  • paulheath
    Paul Heath
    Central Region (Wellington)

  • BlairMorgan
    Blair Morgan
    Southern Region (Christchurch)

  • outline
    Jamie Vaughan
    Southern Region (Dunedin)

  • LizEastwood
    Liz Eastwood
    Co-opted (International Relations)

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