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ITP Fellows

ITP Fellows are senior members who hold a position of eminence and have contributed to the tech profession.

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The current ITP Fellows (FIITP) are:

Douglas Brown Keith Lightfoot
Alison Clear Prof James Noble
Sally Jo Cunningham Prof Steve MacDonell
Ray Delany Andrew Mason
Ralph Green Ian Mitchell
Perce Harpham Prof Steve Reeves
Mike Harte Gillian Reid
Jim Higgins Don Robertson
Alison Holt Brett Sumner
Robert Irving Miles Trent
Dr Lech Janczewski Murray Wills
Prof Nikola Kasabov Prof Wai Yeap
Tony Kryzyzeski  

ITP Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellow is the highest honour that can be bestowed on an individual in the tech profession and is very highly regarded both in New Zealand and around the world.

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Current Honorary Fellows are:

Prof Mark Apperley Bruce Moon
Dr Colin Boswell Jack Morgan
Prof Bevan Clarke Sam Morgan
Hon David Cunliffe Ernie Newman
Steve Davis Sir Ralph Norris
Rod Drury Chris Potter
Gillian Eadie Sir Gil Simpson
Elizabeth Eastwood Sir Ian Taylor
John Good Nicola Walmsley
Gordon Grimsey Hon Maurice Williamson
Neil James Donald Wilson
Derham McAven Laurence Zwimpfer
Bruce McMillan  
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