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ITP Constitution and Bylaws

The rules and principles of ITP are captured in the Constitution and Bylaws. These documents are extremely important to the governance, management and other functions of ITP and are protected by law.

Breaches of the Constitution or Bylaws by members are treated very seriously.

Note that these Rules refer to ITP by its legal name: Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc

ITP Constitution

The Constitution of ITP establishes the structure, procedures, powers and duties of the Institute and its officers, and is the overall governing document the Institute operates under. No other rule, policy or procedure may breach the Constitution.

The Constitution may only be changed by a 2/3 majority vote at a Special General Meeting (SGM) called specifically to change the Constitution.

View the ITP Constitution (PDF, last modified 30 June 2015)

ITP Bylaws

The Bylaws define many of the higher-level processes and policies for the correct and proper administration of ITP. The Bylaws may not breach the Constitution in any way and are modified only via a two thirds majority vote of the National Board.

View the ITP Bylaws (PDF, last modified 21 April 2020)


Examples of "Senior Position"

Some examples of senior positions (required for full membership) might include:

  • In industry, you're operating as a team leader, in a staff supervisory role, or are responsible for significant customer account outcomes
  • In education, you're a full-time lecturer (or equivalent) teaching IT-related subjects at NZQA level 4 or above. You're responsible for the development of courses which are used by other lecturers and/or are supervising significant student projects with demonstrated successful outcomes from the teaching process
  • If self-employed, you're working as a senior IT practitioner with significant supervisory responsibilities and are able to demonstrate successful outcomes from your work

ITP will also accept full membership of specific recognised professional global tech bodies (for example BCS, ACS, CIPS) as suitable criteria for full membership of ITP.

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