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IT Professionals NZ is New Zealand's body for software and IT Professionals. With thousands of members, ITP is the largest and most trusted tech body in NZ.

ITP is a community of IT professionals who care deeply about professional practice in IT. ITP helps develop its members, sets standards and recognises those who aspire to excellence, and works as the voice of the IT profession to Government and others. [more]

IT Professionals NZ is a trading name of the Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc.

Attitudes of the digital technology workforce survey 

We are in really strange and interesting times. 2 years of Covid lockdowns and now the flow on effect into 2022 of a tight labour market, skill shortages, high levels of illness, and employers grappling with how to best support and retain staff in these Covid (or post-Covid) times.  

This survey is open to anyone who identifies as a digital technology worker. That means you have a digital role or a technology role. You might work for a government department, a logistics firm, a retail business, a software as a service startup, a creative agency, for a data services company, or a hardware manufacturer.  

This survey is all anonymous, we won’t ask for your contact or other personal details and will release all results in aggregate. We are asking everyone who completes one or more of the small topic-based surveys to also complete a short set of questions on your demographics - again anonymously - so we can gain some additional insight into who works in digital technology roles.  

Read more about why we are doing these surveys here otherwise follow the links below.

Our stress levels -
2022 in review, and looking ahead to 2023 -
Education and training -
Our current jobs -
Where we work -
Demographics -

Tell us about your first Computer! 

As a fun little exercise, we wanted to capture some information about the very first computer that you each had. Including any memories fond (or otherwise) that you have of the device, or maybe still have if you've kept it running..

We'll be sharing some of the exciting devices and entertaining anecdotes back to the membership in the near future, with the intention of capturing a small segment of New Zealand's history with the personal computer!

Show us what you've got (or used to have..!) here!


Nelson/Tasman debate: 'Sunshine Wages - Of course we need to pay for sunshine in our wages!'

A fun event, open to anyone and being coordinated by the local team from ITPNZ (IT Professionals) poking a bit of humour at what most of us know as an ‘unwritten’ aspect of wages and salaries...

End of year networking event for members and students

Brought to you by the Auckland Branch Committee of IT Professionals, join us for this end of year networking event. Designed for both students and all other members to network, help our Student members...

Lunch and Learn: All about insurance

In the first of our new Lunch and Learn series - Join Vic as she discusses insurance with Jake Walsh from Rothbury insurance brokers the operators of IT Professionals group scheme. Topic they will discuss...

ITP 2023 AGM

Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) of IT Professionals New Zealand. . This is notice of the 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc, trading as IT Professionals New...

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