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Fast 3- There's an app for that...and it's Nelson that asked for it!

22 February 2018: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Crowe Horwath
Meeting Room Nelson Griffin
72 Trafalgar St

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We hear often the term "there will be an app for that" and most people are very familiar with going to their smartphone and downloading any number of free applications that make their life better. What about companies spotting the opportunity to develop software themselves and improve business outcomes as a result? There is a lot more of this happening in our sunshine-laden town and we have 3 examples to talk about in February.

Includes a light lunch sponsored by Montage Online.

About The Speaker

Speaker 1 - Simon Lind (Montage Online)

Solving the problem in different ways: How Montage Online helps Nelson businesses

Simon Lind is the Practice Lead for Montage Online - a flexible workflow engine designed with Human Resource and Health and Safety in mind. Simon believes all businesses are unique and one size does not fit all. He is on a mission to deliver systems that save time, and add value by aligning systems to organisational strategy and culture, and then enabling a process of continual improvement. Simon has spent the past 15 years proving this by delivering cost effective solutions in the fields of Human Resources, Health and Safety, and Business Intelligence throughout Australia and New Zealand. He has worked for and with a variety of businesses, from rapidly growing agile organisations to large corporations. Simon loves the opportunity to solve problems.

Speaker 2 - Andrew Board (Nelson Weekly)

Nelson App: The story behind the story

Nelson App is owned by the publishers of Nelson Weekly newspaper. As a media company they saw the need to find a digital option for their business but, like many in the industry, were struggling to find a solution that was financially sustainable. Enter community application Nelson App.

Andrew is the editor of Nelson Weeklies and will talk about how he came to develop an app, their journey from the newspaper to a news website and now to the app. How we've found success in it and the challenges encountered along the way. Also an interesting insight about expansion of the app throughout the rest of the country.

Speaker 3 - Kay Chapman (Chapman ER)

Chapman ER online resources: Taking a business need and finding a common sense way to match possible solutions - how application development helps people do things better

Kay has over 27 years experience in Employment Relations Consulting, Industrial Relations, and Human Resources Management. She has worked nationally and internationally, assisting employers in all their employment related matters. Kay's experience includes working with clients in a wide cross-section of industry sectors including manufacturing, education, aviation, finance, construction, tourism, health, retail, food services and government agencies. Kay recently went through a process of identifying an application solution to problems that affect most employers - something she is passionate about identifying solutions for.


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