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by TechBlog Team
TechBlog TeamThe Tahi Rua Toru Tech challenge is running in schools and kura throughout the country and we have a huge number of teams signing up this month! 

The challenge is simple: students identify a problem in their school or local community, and with the guidance of an industry mentor, use Digital Technologies to solve it. The role of a mentor is to act as support and guidance for the students as they build their projects and this can be done by visiting your chosen school or via video call.

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by Paul Brislen, Editor
The Government Communications Security Bureau used to be a badly kept secret, complete with Prime Ministerial denials in parliament and a spy base in the South Island.

Today it's much more grown up, and open, about its role and capabilities.

So what does the GCSB do for New Zealand?

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Here's this week's Tech Media Panel, featuring TechBlog's Paul Brislen and Peter Griffin:


This week: GCSB's role in today's digital world; Will NZ ban TikTok? Apple fallout from Congress hearings - are all developers treated equally? Which political party has good innovation policy? And UFB: How are we tracking?

ITP Members can see previous tech media panels and various other webinars and events on the ITP Member Library.

From ITP TechBlog this week
by Peter Griffin, Contributor
Developers are crying foul over Tim Cook's antitrust testimony that it treats all developers of apps in its App Store equally as Apple faces the most heat of the four Big Tech CEOs.

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by Paul Brislen, Editor
From your mother's maiden name to your first car number plate to favourite food or first pet's name, these questions are supposed to add layers of complexity to any attempt to access your account without your authorisation, but in practice they make it easier.

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by Techblog Staff
After having a laptop stolen, the Commerce Commission reviewed its processes and policies. Today the report is released.

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by Techblog Staff
MBIE wants to hear from you about options for establishing a consumer data right that would better meet the needs of consumers and allow them to harness the power of their data. 

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by Peter Griffin, Contributor
Ultra-fast broadband now reaches one million homes and businesses and stood up well to record use during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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