Introducing the New Look NZCS: Advancing the ICT Profession

It gives us great pleasure to announce the final stages of the rebrand NZCS has been undertaking over the last 6 months, with the introduction of our new logo.

However what we've been working on is about a lot more than mere graphics.

Your Society's Changing

NZCS LogosWe hope you've noticed a number of changes at NZCS over the last year or so. While maintaining and honouring our history, we've also embarked on a new chapter, transforming over time to what we hope is an even more effective, relevant and progressive organisation.

You've probably noticed some of the practical changes (such as the new website, events system, etc), and possibly advocacy changes (such as becoming significantly involved in helping fix ICT in schools) amongst other things.

You may also have noticed a greater emphasis on creating, recognising and growing ICT as a true profession, plus a focus on providing recognition and incentives for ICT professionals to subscribe to a philosophy of education and professionalism (through the introduction of ITCP, for example).

These and many other initiatives are part of a coordinated effort by NZCS to progressively re-aligned the purpose and direction of the Society to our Objects, and to ensure we're actually achieving what we're here to do.

So, what's it all about?

NZCS: It's all about Advancement

AdvancementAs with all organisations large and small, NZCS has a number of Objects and strategic goals. In our case, they can all be considered within the context of a single concept: Advancement.

We're here to advance many things. For instance, the careers of ICT professionals. We're here to advance education, whether it be for professionals, or in schools or at tertiary level. We're here to advance the computing skills of the general public, and we're here to advance professionalism.

Whichever way you look at it, we're here to help with the advancement of our profession, as well as the ICT industry and sector, academia, education and the public at large, and we take this very seriously.

NZCS's Roots: The ICT Profession

NZCS is all about the ICT profession, but not just in the ways you might think. We're proud of the fact that we're truly independent, listening to and working with all - but not being controlled, influenced or swayed by corporates or other sectorial interests.

However it's a lot more than that.

Whether you're a programmer, analyst, entrepreneur, technician, web designer, digital designer, developer, educationalist, manager, student, animator or any of the multitude of other ICT roles; Whether you're in a purely technical role, purely professional role, or something in the middle; Whatever your role within the wide spectrum of digital technology, if it's within the realm of ICT, NZCS is your Society.

NZCS is the ICT Profession, for the ICT Profession. We're different from other organisations in that NZCS works hard for and with the ICT profession, first and foremost. We are ICT professionals - we have up to 100 ICT professionals volunteering in all sorts of different capacities at any one time - and we are the vehicle of the ICT profession working to improve our country.

NZCS also works to improve the core computing skills of the general public through the global ICDL (International Computer Drivers License) Programme, working with a network of centres throughout New Zealand (and, in fact, in over 150 countries around the world) to improve the digital literacy of kiwis.

We're about education, professionalism, and ICT professionals contributing to and benefiting from a forward-thinking and proactive professional body.

Our Purpose: Advancing the ICT Profession

What all this adds up to is that our core purpose is Advancing the ICT Profession. And really, break it all down and that's what it's all about.

Whether it's through the recognition and growing reputation of the independent ITCP Certification Programme, ongoing educational events, furthering education at school and tertiary level, representing the profession to Government and others, providing mentoring and other services, working on behalf of the profession, providing opportunity for the profession to support the public, raising the computing skills of the public, or the multitude of other activities NZCS undertakes on an ongoing basis, it all comes down to education and professionalism, and it all comes down to Advancing the ICT Profession.

The New NZCS Brand

We're pretty clear on what we do and why we're here, however now it's time to tell the world and that's where our new brand comes in.

You've probably noticed our branding slowly changing, however now this change is complete. Introducing the new look NZCS:


New Logo


NZCS: Your Society

Don't ever forget that NZCS is your Society. NZCS is the only nationwide professional body for all ICT professionals in New Zealand, run by and for New Zealand, and working closely with a global community of over a million ICT professionals around the world.

Not only is NZCS the largest ICT body in New Zealand (with between 1600 and 2000 individual financial members and up to 6000 professionals involved, receiving updates etc, plus supported by up to 100 of the most significant ICT companies and every significant ICT tertiary institution in the country) but it is also the one true independent body for ICT professionals.

NZCS has a proud 49-year history and can continue to achieve great things, but only with the support of you and your colleagues. Together we really can make a difference to the professional standards of ICT delivery in New Zealand. We can make a difference to ICT education, and we make a difference to the recognition of ICT as a true profession.

We're also working to improve the "community" of ICT in New Zealand. For example, as well as working to help build and foster Students of NZCS in many tertiary campuses around New Zealand, you'll shortly see the launch of NZCSWomen and Young IT Professional specialist groups, amongst others, ensuring that your Society caters for the unique needs of these groups of professionals.

And most importantly, as NZCS continues to grow and embolden, and as we continue to work to improve the professionalism and recognition of ICT professionals, we can all continue to advance together.

The change to the new logo will progress over the next few weeks, however our direction and purpose has already changed. We're already actively working to advance the ICT profession, and will continue to do so for as long as you support us.



Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews
Chief Executive
NZ Computer Society Inc (NZCS)


P.S. Special thanks to Jack Yan from Jack Yan & Associates, who helped create and capture our new identity. Their team is absolutely outstanding.