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10 November 2010
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Nominations called for NZCS President and Deputy President
by Paul Matthews

After a very successful three years, we're saddened to say that the term of current NZCS President Don Robertson and deputy President David Cowman is about to come to an end.

Both have indicated they do not intend to re-stand but will be keen to assist in other roles within the Society.

Therefore the National Council is now calling for nominations for the role of President and Deputy President.

NZCS President

The President chairs the Society's governing National Council and Executive and is pivotal to the success of the organisation.

The President's term is for two years, with a provision to be appointed for up to two additional one year terms. The President must be a full Member of the Society, be respected within the Profession, and have strong governance and chairing experience and capabilities.

Deputy President

The Deputy President also sits on the National Council and Executive and assists the President in carrying out the duties of the role, and is usually involved in the Society's subsidiary organisations.

The Deputy President is a one year appointment with the provision to be appointed for up to three further one year terms.

Appointment Process

The President and Deputy President are appointed by the Society's National Council following nominations from the membership. Both roles are on a voluntary basis.

Nominations now open

On behalf of the Council I now call for nominations for the roles of President and Deputy President of the Society for 2011. Nominations can be sent to [email protected], and please indicate whether the nomination is for the role of President, Deputy President, or both.

Nominations should be received by 5pm 22nd November 2010 to be considered. Council will nominate the President and Deputy President on or around 27 November 2010 and the appointment will take effect immediately following.



Paul Matthews
Chief Executive and Society Secretary


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