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ICT Newsline 10 November 2010
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This week:

  • Paul Matthews: Reflecting on the year of the Tiger
  • Juha Saarinen: Free to use
  • Rick Shera: Groundhog Day: Guilty until proven innocent back in copyright law
  • Perce Harpham: In Depth: Arbitration and Mediation
  • ICT around town: All the latest ICT-related events in your area
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Newsline edited by Juha Saarinen

This Week at NZCS

Paul MatthewsReflecting on the year of the Tiger
by Paul Matthews, NZCS CEO

It's around this time of year we all collectively realise we're just six weeks from Christmas. Sorry to break it to you so matter-of-factly. As well as the impending feeling of doom when we think about how much we have to do in those 6 weeks, it's also a time of reflection; both on the year that was, and the year that will be in 2011.

This week we have a quick look at 2010, plus consider a bitterly disappointing aspect of the proposed new Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill - chopping the Internet off at your place is back on the table, folks.

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Other news from NZCS

Taku Waimārie Hoki!

Juha SaarinenFree to use
by Juha Saarinen, Newsline 2.0 Editor

It's difficult to concentrate on the finer points and ironies of life technological when lawyers and politicians besiege the very business you're in with mad-cap laws that are designed to serve... well, that's not exactly clear actually. Probably only the lawyers and politicians themselves, in fact, because it's hard to see who else will benefit from these things.

Rick Shera's one of those lawyers who puts the I into IP (no "freely" jokes here please), and he's covering off some important...

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Rick SheraGroundhog Day: Guilty until proven innocent back in copyright law
by Rick Shera, Partner, Lowndes Jordan

Back in 2008, after the Parliamentary Select Committee had removed section 92A from the Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Bill, it was reintroduced unannounced on April Fools Day in an SOP just a week before the Bill was passed into law. The problem with section 92A was an ISP was almost certain to treat an internet account holder as guilty as soon as the ISP received an accusation from a rights owner.

Following a huge outcry and "blackout" campaign Prime Minister John Key stepped in and ditched it. Almost two years later and despite numerous consultations and another round of Select Committee hearings, it seems we've come full circle.

Read ICT Lawyer Rick Shera's take on the new Bill, plus a response from Hon Simon Power.

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Perce HarphamIn Depth: Arbitration and Mediation
by Perce Harpham

When a client becomes unhappy with a contractor, one or other of them often goes to a lawyer; however, this frequently escalates the problem. Our justice system is geared to deciding that one party is right and the other is wrong.

It is a long, slow, expensive process to achieve a resolution, essentially. This resolution yields a winner and a loser - or, often, two losers.

Luckily, there are other ways to resolve such problems.

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Contributed content is the opinion of the author only, and not necessarily the view of NZCS.

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