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Upskilling and reskilling deep dive

22 February 2022: 2:00 pm, to
24 February 2022: 4:00 pm

Live online

(Connection details will be emailed shortly before the event)


Let's talk about upskilling and reskilling in the digital tech sector!

We are running online workshops for folks in the IT and education sectors to talk about:

  • Existing opportunities for upskilling and reskilling in the digital technology sector
  • What the gaps are, and
  • How we can fill them.

This is part of our contribution to the skills workstream of the Digital Tech Industry Transformation plan, looking at the skills issues in our sector and what we can do about them. This includes addressing the mismatch of skill supply and demand through developing our domestic talent. Either by upskilling people in the sector to take on more senior and specialised roles, or reskilling folks from other industries to move into digital technology. You can read about the work here:

There will be three workshops:

Date Audience  
Tuesday 22 February, 2-4pm  Digital tech sector  Link to meeting
Wednesday 23 February, 2-4pm    Education sector  Link to meeting
Thursday 24 February, 2-4pm  Anyone who is interested   Link to meeting


While the first two workshops are geared towards the digital tech and education sectors respectively, anyone is welcome to attend any of the sessions.
We will provide an introduction to the work and provide the space for you to share your ideas (and pop some sticky notes on a Jamboard).

If you are keen to join us please register below.

For more info, contact us at [email protected]

Registration Details:

Please register via the link below to assure you are issued the connection details prior to the session.

Please note that this session may be video or audio recorded for viewing by other members at a later date. As it is possible that audience members may be incidentally recorded, please let us know if you specifically want to be excluded and we will ensure you are not shown.

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