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Live webinar: CITPNZ and CTech - what, why and how?

1 April 2020: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Live online

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Is 2020 the year you get certified?

This live online-delivered workshop/webinar is designed to help you answer that question and if so, help you get started.

Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) and Certified Technologist (CTech) are the two professional certifications offered by ITP. But why do we offer them and do they really matter?

CITPNZ and CTech are professional certifications as opposed to technical certifications. This means that rather than assessing whether you can do specific tasks with specific technologies, they independently confirm that you:

  • Know what you're doing (in your chosen area)
  • Keep up to date in your field
  • Are trustworthy
  • Are bound by a Code of Ethics, and
  • Can demonstrate actual results

In short, you're someone that the professional body of the sector has independently assessed and can endorse as a bona fide professional. It's not a guarantee that you'll always get it right; but it is a commitment that if you breach your ethical responsibilities, the professional community can hold you to account.

This webinar starts with a run-through of what they are and why (from a high level), followed by a detailed walkthrough of how to apply and plenty of time for Q&A.


About The Speakers

Each webinar will be presented by one or both of the following:


Paul Matthews

ITP Chief Executive

Paul Matthews is a well networked leader, technologist and commentator within the tech sector.

At ITP, Paul leads the team that has transformed the organisation and delivered on a comprehensive programme of projects to improve the delivery of tech in NZ. His team also introduced professional certification to New Zealand (Chartered IT Professional NZ and CTech), accreditation of IT tertiary degrees, the ITx conference and much more.

He has a technology, management and entrepreneurial business background, having founded several successful tech companies, and is supported by a BSc in Computer Science (Otago) and Executive MBA (Auckland).



Daniel Merriott

ITP Director of Digital Capability

Daniel's consulting experience includes advisory and consulting work for government, commercial, and non-profit organisations covering topics such as organisational design, IT strategy, and capability development. Daniel has considerable experience helping organisations across the region implement SFIA, and in leading the development and delivery of SFIA-related training, assessments, job design, and consulting services.

As New Zealand's leading SFIA Consultant and trainer, Daniel is also an active contributor to the development of SFIA, sitting on the global SFIA Council and global SFIA Design Authority Board. Daniel is also recognised a Certified Management Consultant, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT, as well as a Chartered IT Professional.


Technical requirements

The webinar will be delivered over the Zoom platform, so all you need is a computer or device and a reasonable internet connection.

If you haven't used Zoom before, please allow a couple of minutes to install the client prior to the webinar commencing.

Full connection details will be provided prior to the webinar.


Registration Details:

Registration is closed, however you can still attend the webinar!

You can join the webinar by clicking here at 3pm

Please note that this session may be video or audio recorded for viewing by other members at a later date. As it is possible that audience members may be incidentally recorded, please let us know if you specifically want to be excluded and we will ensure you are not shown.

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