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ITP runs a very active events programme in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Nelson and Dunedin, plus occasional regional events.

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Dunedin ICT Community - Drinks, Meal and Get Together!

Come and join the Dunedin Branch of IT Professionals NZ for our monthly social get together for the local tech community. This month, meet us at Sila Turkish Cafe and catch up with others in the Dunedin...

2020 Gibbons Lecture 1: Our future with AI

There's been dramatic progress in learning skills, such as object recognition, translation and speech, and in difficult but uncomplicated tasks like playing chess, Go and video games. Traditional AI focused on improving complex tasks, using knowledge and reasoning, that have driven human success. In this talk, Professor Michael Witbrock from the School of Computer Science at the University of Auckland will discuss these paths to broad AI and explore Aotearoa's potential to make sure of a positive outcome....

Live Webinar: How Covid is impacting the gaming industry

Thursday Live Gaming
PikPok (previously Sidhe Interactive) is one of NZ's most successful publishers of fun and addictive games across smartphone, tablet, and desktop. They're a global success story, founded right here in...

CITRENZ Conference 2020

Registrations are now open for the 2020 CITRENZ Virtual Conference. The Virtual Conference is an opportunity for you to connect with participants from throughout New Zealand and further afield, without the usual cost of traveling to another city. 2020 is a year of change with reforms in the tertiary sector and different learning environments as a result of a global pandemic, as well as changes in the economy and the technology landscape. The annual CITRENZ conference returns, not only with the regular technology and education papers, workshops and panels, but also with dedicated sessions to address the current questions our education providers are facing. This will be further enhanced with keynote speakers, networking and social sessions, and participants from schools and industry....

2020 Gibbons Lecture 2: Big data: Transparency and reliability

There is near consensus in the emerging field of data ethics that processes and systems must be transparent and explainable to a wide range of stakeholders. In this talk, Professor Tim Dare from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Auckland will discuss why transparency and explainability have become central to data ethics and the reasons there are to question that centrality. Professor Dare will also discuss why we should be more concerned with reliability and with how automated systems compare, ethically, and with alternative ways of doing the tasks which might be done by automated systems....

2020 Gibbons Lecture 3: Learning to adapt to changes in this dynamic world

Much of scientific research involves the generation and testing of hypotheses that can facilitate the development of accurate models for a system. In machine learning the automated building of accurate models is desired, however traditional machine learning often assumes that the underlying systems are static and unchanging over time. In this talk, Dr Yun Sing Koh from the School of Computer Science at the University of Auckland will discuss research in the area of data streams and how we adapt to changes in the data....

2020 Gibbons Lecture 4: Social media, AI, and society: Some psychological insights

As advanced digital technologies become an indispensable part of nearly all aspects of everyday living, it is essential to consider the downstream effects on society. In this talk, Associate Professor Kumar Yogeeswaran from the College of Science at the University of Canterbury will consider social scientific evidence on how these indispensable technologies shape people's attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours....

Live webinar: CITPNZ and CTech - what, why and how?

CITPNZ with full name.png
Is 2020 the year you get certified? This live workshop/webinar is designed to help you answer that question and if so, help you get started. Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) and Certified Technologist (CTech) are the two professional certifications offered by ITP. But why, and do they really matter?...
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