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Developing Resilience in IT Professionals

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16 October 2019: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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The happiest and most successful people are those who develop resilience to set-backs in life. It is no secret that our IT Professionals are suffering high levels of mental stress - and it is no surprise!

The pressure of meeting project deadlines, fear of failure, good ideas being rejected and dealing with complaints from unhappy users, all add to higher stress levels. Many IT Professionals live far away from their home country and the type of work they do may create a sense of isolation. Some people simply feel that nobody appreciates or understands them.

This half-day course, delivered by Heather Grace, will help develop resilience skills in developers, project managers, product owners, customer support and other IT professionals. With these new skills, participants will have the tools to recognise the danger signals, before they get overwhelmed. Participants will learn how to use their internal yo-yo to bounce back and live happy and productive lives at work and at home.

Duration: Half Day

Course Content

This course covers the following:

  • Why we get down - understanding the mechanisms
  • Discover the triggers - the danger signals for each of us
  • Understand the internal and external influences that contribute to stress
  • Explore the root causes of problems and potential stresses in our own lives
  • Understand self-sabotage and self-care
  • Develop a course of action to cope with problems in our lives
  • Discover your internal Yo-Yo and how to use it to bounce back


At the end of the course attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the negative feelings they have and why they have them
  • Recognise danger signals early so they can take positive action
  • Have confidence in how to help themselves and when to reach out to others
  • Move from self-sabotage thinking to self-care
  • Use their internal Yo-Yo to bounce back from stress and set-backs in life
  • Know how to overcome negative influences
  • Lead a happier, more productive life at home and at work


This course will be delivered by an NZTE registered training instructor who specialises in building resilience and transforming communication. The course will introduce essential skills to build mental toughness, confidence and resilience.  The course is interactive, allowing plenty of time to address real-life issues from those who would like specific questions answered.

Target Audience

  • Individuals who are looking to move into project management or have been asked to manage a project for the first time
  • Clients and other stakeholders who have a role in delivering successful projects

Your trainer

Heather Grace is an experienced training facilitator and business coach with a track record of transforming technical communication and building resilience.
She has particular experience in running businesses involved in IT, Professional Engineering Services and the Sciences.

Originally from a technical background herself, Heather has diplomas in Management and Psychology, plus 30 years' experience in the business world overseas and in NZ. Heather runs the TechBiz Success Academy, providing training and coaching in communication for technical people and technical businesses.

Heather developed the Use Your Yo-Yo strategy to build resilience and has been helping people with this essential skill since 2009.

Registration Details:

You can register for this event via Credit Card online now by using the link below, or alternatively call 0800 252 255 with your Credit Card details.

ITP Corporate Partners and approved organisations can opt to pay by invoice by calling 0800 252 255 or emailing attendee and business details through to Credit criteria and other conditions apply.

Want to run it at another time or place, or in-house?

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Simply register your interest and we'll look at whether we can bring to you when you want it. If you're interested in an in-house option, register your interest and we'll come back to you.

Attendance Cost

ITP Financial Members$300.00 + GST / $345.00 incl GST
Staff of Corporate Partners (20% Discount)$344.35 + GST / $396.00 incl GST
Non-Members$430.43 + GST / $495.00 incl GST

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