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ITP Short Courses

The Institute runs a series of short courses and workshops throughout New Zealand. Some are scheduled in the main centres, however all are available anywhere in New Zealand provided sufficient demand - just let us know where.

Practical-based courses taught by experienced practitioners.

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Architecture and Business Modelling

Data Modelling Essentials

In this information age, data and data relationships have never been more important to, well, just about everything. The ability to model data is an essential skill, whether it be for understanding key relationships in your organisation, modelling entity relationships as a basis for relational database design, or modelling object classes for software implementation.

This course provides a succinct and pragmatic coverage of data modelling for anyone involved in information management and related projects. The course is highly practical and involves group and individual exercises based on real world examples.

Practical Business Architecture

Gaining a comprehensive knowledge of an organisation's architecture is an essential Enterprise Architecture step. But how can a business architecture be modelled?

This workshop covers an introduction to the Business Element Model (BEM), to set you on the way to mapping the architecture of your or other organisations.

Project Management and Governance

Understanding IT Governance

IT Governance is focused on the leadership, structures and processes that ensure that an organisation's information technology sustains and extends the overall organisation's strategies and objectives.

This workshop explores and explains IT Governance in depth and covers the building blocks to enable effective IT Governance in your organisation.

Intro to Project Management

This half-day course introduces students to the fundamentals of project management, it's terminology, techniques and tools - ideal for anyone managing small projects or looking to move into project management.

Influence and People Management

People Management Made Easy

Many technical professionals find people management perplexing and time-consuming. They need quick ways to establish a staff-driven, high-performance workplace where people show initiative, make the appropriate calls and don't need caretaking.

Learn how to change the way people think, feel and act. Participants leave with immediate changes in their approach that will create a different response from staff, reducing stress and improving results.

Developing critical influence skills for better outcomes

The most successful IT professionals are those who understand the craft of 'influence' - helping others understand the challenges in a project and motivating them to work together to overcome them.

This workshop, delivered by Cherri Holland the author of 'Influencing 101', will help develop the influencing skills and insights of project managers, business analysts, developers, product owners - and in fact anyone responsible for technology outcomes.

Communication skills

Business Communication for Professionals

While IT Professionals contribute hugely to broader business performance - it can be challenging to make non-technical people really listen and understand what you're saying.

This half-day course is designed for IT Professionals who want to more effectively communicate with other parts of the business; be heard, be understood and help drive improved business performance.

Confident Customer Communication for IT Professionals

IT Professionals contribute hugely to business performance, but it can be challenging to communicate this technical expertise to others in a confident and compelling way.

This half day course is designed for highly skilled, tech savvy people to help them communicate more effectively with each other and to enhance their customer communication skills.

Written Communication for IT Professionals

Effective communication between Technical Professionals and the rest of the organisation is a critical factor in the success of any business. Engineering and IT solutions impact on every part of modern business so being clearly understood is vital.

This half-day course is designed for Technical Professionals who want to communicate more effectively with other parts of the business. In particular, the course is for those who wish to be more concise and compelling in written communication.


Going Agile

Agile software development, with its focus on delivery of working software, intense collaboration and rapid feedback, can deliver better results for both the customer and the project team.

This half day 'Introduction to Agile' course provides an overview of the values and principles that underpin agile methods such as Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP) and Kanban. It explores the cultural shifts that need to occur for agile to succeed, as well as covering common terminology and agile practices.

Introduction to DevOps

DevOps aims to establish a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably, and is sweeping though the IT community at a startling pace.

This course covers what DevOps is, how it transforms traditional thinking, and will start attendees on their DevOps journey.

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